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Talking Fingers

tf_logo45 Talking Fingers – Read, Write & Type! Learning Systems 

What is Talking Fingers?

RWTLS-new-box-shot This software is geared for student grades K-3 and integrates phonics, reading, writing and keyboarding.   The Talking Fingers approach is based on a simple idea: text is speech made visible!   We use our mouths to talk, to make sounds of words.   We use our fingers (with a pencil or keyboard) to represent those sounds on paper.  When children learn to link speech sounds with letters, they can use the alphabet code to write any word they can say.  Their fingers are “talking”.  The Read, Write & Type! Learning System is a revolutionary reading software.  

How it works it quite simple.   Kids learn to hear the individual sounds in words, and associate each sound with a letter and a finger stroke on the keyboard. The program is multi-sensory as it uses the eyes, ears, mouths and fingers of the kids during the learning sessions.  

You will also find special features for students with learning disabilities, reading difficulties, or learning English as a second language.  

Our Thoughts

step1 As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I have received access to the online version of Read, Write & Type! Learning System.    I didn’t know what to expect from it and hoped that my kids will be interested in it.  

The program has a total of 40 lessons that encourages the kids to find letters, read as well as type them on the screen.   As they advance in the program, the level of difficulty is risen and they are challenge to read longer group of words and type them.  

We love multi-sensory program and this one covers this.   The kids will see, hear, speak, touch, move their fingers as they learn through phonics, games, adventure and have fun at the same time.    The program is geared for 6-8 years old but I can honestly say that my almost 5 year old son enjoyed it as much if not more than his 6 year old brother.    *grin*   I had to put on a schedule for who would play when on the TV as we have set up a PC on the big screen as a PVR.    The possibility to play on the big screen was fun because they could all sit together on the couch – even my almost 3 year old daughter.    She loves the characters and to listen to when was said.

step3 I’ve seen immediate results within days of using it on our 6 year old son.   He is currently learning how to read and sometimes I had trouble helping to him to remember certain sounds.    When we got this program, he jumped into it and I was amazed of what he could do within a few days on it.     His younger brother, age 4 3/4, is also enjoying the software.   Even though he is quite younger than the age group intended for it, he enjoys it.   His progress is a bit more slower than his older brother but he is learning nevertheless.   Another aspect that I really appreciate on the program is that it gives reward for the child after completing a level.   The rewards are exciting for my kids.  They loves them and print them right away when they get one.  

As they progressed, the level of difficulty is raised.   And sometimes it can cause frustration as they were used to have it easy.  But learning is achieve and they enjoy getting their reward afterward.   

This product can be purchased for schools or home.    And you can access to the online version of it or order the CD product (which is NOT compatible with Windows 7 or Mac 10.6 by the way).

There is two different version of the Read, Write & Type.   The CD Home Edition for the United States is 79$.  However, thestep9 International Edition  (which includes 2 program CDs) is 39$ US.   You might wonder why such a big difference of price.  The US edition contains an activity book already printed while the International version it is a pdf file on the CD.   Also the US Edition have a laminated keyboard for practicing dictated words in the car or at home which is not included in the International Edition.

The company also has a product for Reading and Spelling for grades 2 and 3 called Wordy Qwerty.    I have not product tested this one but you can purchase Read, Write & Type and Wordy Qwerty together as a package deal for K-4.    We were so impressed with the progress that our 6 year old has done, that we are going to get the Reading Bundle in the weeks to come.  I asked if there would be the possibility of downloading the software directly when we purchase it but I was told that this option was not available.   It would have been nice to save on the shipping fees but that’s okay.  The program is so worth it that we are willing to purchase Wordy Qwerty as well.

If you are interested, you can try Read, Write & Type Learning System on their website or download the free demo of Wordy Qwerty.   Simply go to and be prepare to be amazed.

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