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YHWH-final-cover YHWH – The Flood, The Fish & The Giant  Ancient Mysteries Retold
Written by G.P. Taylor and Paula K. Parker
Published at Authentic

About the book

YHWH: The Flood, The Fish & The Giant is a collection of twenty stories from the Old Testament, including Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, David, Esther, and Isaiah. While these are not a straight translation from scripture, they are written with the intent of bringing the stories to life in their historical time period.

Who are G.P. Taylor and Paula K. Parker?

G. P. Taylor was born and grew up in Scarborough, Yorkshire, moving to London as a teenager. He worked in the London record industry as promoter for CBS Records, returning north aged 22, where he joined the Yorkshire Police Force. Retiring in 1995, he was ordained by the Church of England and became a parish priest in Whitby.

He then wrote Shadowmancer (2003), a dark thriller set in Yorkshire, drawing on history and local folklore. He self-published this book, which became a great success and was republished by Faber and Faber.

He currently lives near Scarborough, and his further novels include: Wormwood (2004), a historical thriller set in 18th-century London; Tersias (2005); and The Curse of Salamander Street (2006).

His latest novels include The DoppleGanger Chronicles and the Maria Mundi series: Maria Mundi: The Midas Box (2007); Maria Mundi and the Ghost Diamonds (2007); and Maria Mundi and the Ship of Fools (2009).

His website is

Paula K. Parker is a nationally recognized playwright, author, and freelance writer. She is highly respected in the Christian entertainment industry and is frequently called upon to write about it. She has contributed more than 1000 articles, personality profiles, and CD, book, and theatrical reviews to such national publications as Christian Single Magazine, Profile Magazine, ParentLife Magazine, and Clarity Magazine.

Paula is an accomplished playwright, having written numerous professionally produced full-length plays, short sketches, and One-Acts. She is best known for her sparkling stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. She is a co-contributing editor to the Entertainment Channel at and is a regular entertainment columnist to the national edition of and she serves as Senior Editor at the online entertainment magazine,

Paula provided commentary for the New York Times Best-Selling Bible-zine, Becoming, and is a contributing author to The Young Believer’s Case Files with Stephen Arterburn (Tyndale). Her latest best-seller, YHWH: The Flood, the Fish & the Giant, co-authored with New York Times Best-Selling author, GP Taylor, was recently released in both the United Kingdom and the US.

When she is not writing, Paula whiles away the hours visiting with her five grown children, playing in her gardens, restoring her vintage home, cooking, baking (especially anything chocolatey) and playing the harp.

Her website is

My Thoughts

This book is a novelized version of the Old Testament books from Genesis to Isaiah.    Each chapter concentrates on a specific part of the Old Testament and will bring you a different perspective of well known events.    I personally enjoys having novelized version of Bible events.   I find that sometimes it makes you go dig in the Bible to confirm what is written in the book.    Often,  you might discover a particular aspect that you have not capture from reading the Bible.

I find this book gives you a breath of fresh air of well-known events.   It is based on facts found in the Bible but at the same time, you discover a new facet of the characters.   Mind you, you must keep in mind that this book is a novel.   Like the subtitle says, they are ancient mysteries that are retold.  

At the end of the book, you will get the scripture references of each chapter.   In all, this book contains 20 stories that will bring the history to life.    This book was written to appeal to the Harry Potter generation.   Will it do the job?   I sure hope so but it could be tricky to try to reach out to a generation via a novelized version of part of the Bible.   In a way, it helps to bring context and make the history easier to understand but at the same time I find that reading from the Bible itself is more meaningful.   If this book can bring a generation who is far from church to consider God and eventually get into the church it will be a wonderful thing.  

This review was possible because a copy of the book, YHWH,  has been provided courtesy of Authentic Media and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

YHWH is available now at your favourite bookseller, including

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