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CARS 2 Games


This week on June 24th, the new CARS movie will come out.  As parents, we are always on the lookout for fun and entertaining movies that are clean at the same time.  Our kids enjoyed so much the first movie of CARS that we are looking forward for CARS 2 coming out this Friday!   Shhh!  Don’t tell our kids but if everything goes well with our plan, we might bring them to the theater to watch the movie.

Hasbro Canada has teamed up with CARS 2 to bring some interesting new versions of popular games like MONOPOLY, MEMORY, SORRY!, TROUBLE and OPERATION.

I had the privilege to get these various games.   And I will comment on each of them in this post but I most say that I am impressed with the creativity behind each and every one of these games.  Hasbro has done a great job to adapt some popular games to the theme of the movie.

B160BAD05056900B109D04890D358574MONOPOLY Disney Pixar CARS 2 Edition 

Race to “real estate” victory with characters from the Cars 2 movie! Buy and trade cars in this fast-paced game to try to earn the most money. Speed your way around the board, build up monopolies and—if you’re the richest player at the end of the game—win!

Fast-dealing cars trading game challenges you to “speed” your way to victory with Cars 2 characters! Pick up and trade cars in Japan, Italy and London!

Includes 1 racetrack (in 4 pieces), 1 Lightning McQueen racecar, 1 gameboard, 16 Cars cards, 16 tires, 8 Pitties, 4 character movers, 16 Chance chards, money pack and instructions.

Adult assembly required.   For 2 to 4 players.

My Thoughts

Gone the square board game and hello to the round one!    This board will be attractive for all children ages five and up.   For this version of the game, the goal is to have the most cars.   I think the idea od buying and trading cars is very different that the original game which allows you to buy fair activities.    In a way it is also a good way to tell your kids that some people do buy cars, collect them and/or restore them if it is needed.   How about bringing  your kids to a car show to show older models of vehicles before or after playing this game?  Our campsite, Logos Land Resort, has a yearly Car Show for antique, classic and performance vehicles.  

The Monopoly Cars 2 edition is particularly original because you have Lighting McQueen driving around the racetrack.   You also have tires and pitties to build as well as four fun characters to play with.  Everything has been though to perfectly fit the world of Cars!  It will definitively be a Monopoly game that the kids will have a blast to play with. 

SORRY! Sliders Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition 8E60E4325056900B10B1CF9BF842D971

Race your friends your own cool racetracks! Rev through Radiator Springs, tear through Tokyo, power through Porta Corsa and rip through London. But watch out! Oil slicks, traffic cones and radiation zones make it a bumpy ride to victory. It’s time to put your sliders skills into top gear!

Contents: Track pieces, Barriers, 4 racers, Assorted obstacles, Lap counter tokens, Mater token, Sticker sheet, Game guide.    2-4 players.

My Thoughts

This game will provide hours of fun for your family.   Not only the game of Sorry has been adapted to the movie, but the racetrack itself can be built according to your own design (within limits).   On the box itself, you can see four different tracks to play the game.  Your sliders will face many challenges and obstacles during the game – oil slicks, traffic cones, bumping barriers… it’s all there.    What a great way to transform the game of Sorry and to add fun to a family game night.    I suspect that laughter and competition will be part of the evening as well.    I can already feel the competition that will be ferocious in our home…  Who will have the skills and ability to bring their sliders to the winning line?  And adult or a child?  Plan to have a lot of spaces when playing with Sorry! Sliders Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition as some of the tracks that can be designed will take quite a bit of area on your table or on your floor.

8D9A57665056900B10E57C86924D3B5CMEMORY CARS 2 Edition 

REV your engine for a speedy match! Kick start your memory as you try to match picture cards of your Cars 2 buddies. Each match puts your car on a straight course for the finish line. It’s Lightning McQueen against Francesco! Zoom and win the checkered flag!

Contents: 2 Character Pawns, 28 Picture Cards, Speedway Gameboard, Spectator Grandstand, Instructions.  1-2 players.

My Thoughts

Memory games as been part of my life when I was younger and still today with my kids.  This specific came is geared for younger children but their siblings will probably have a blast with them while playing this version of Memory.   Included in this version, you will have a racetrack and you can advance  either Lightning McQueen or Francesco to see who will win the game.   When your child can match two cards together, he/she can advance her pawn on the racetrack.    To be honest,  I find this version of the Memory game to be more geared toward boys than girls.   My daughter would prefer to have a princess version or something more pink in colors than have race cars.    I know that she loves the CARS movie but mostly because of the female characters in it.

TROUBLE Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition  8E236E9F5056900B10ACF96A0D15B6FA

ARE YOU PRETTY GOOD AT THIS RACIN’ STUFF LIKE ME? ...LET’S SEE! Well, hey there fellow racers! Get ready for the ultimate dash to the finish! Watch out where you move – if you crash into your opponent you can send ‘em back home. But be careful ‘cause they can do the same to you. The first to get all 4 cars into Victory Lane wins!


Contents: 1 Plastic Game Unit with Mater POP-O-MATIC Die Roller, Gameboard, 16 Plastic Playing Pawns, 4 Rubber Gameboard Feet, Label Sheet, Instructions.   2-4 players.

My Thoughts

Here’s a new twist to the game of Trouble.   Every time we play with the original version of TROUBLE, it reminds me of when I was playing TOCK (with marbles) or Parcheesi when I was younger.  The idea of the game is similar.   You have to bring your cars to Victory Lane without an opponent kicking you own of the competition.    I love how the pop-o-matic has been redesigned to include Mater in the game.   I find it adorable and very original.   It is a great way to include a beloved character into The pawns have their own characters on it – Lightning McQueen is obviously part of this line up but other new cars are shown as well.    This game is perfect to bring on vacation as well as at the cottage.  

8E160A445056900B10EF1A382A0BA86EOPERATION CARS 2 

Mater here... can you fix up my busted gear? I can’t hit the road when so many parts are itchin’ for fixin’! Grab the tweezers & drive these parts away. It’s up to you to get ’er done; I’m in reverse and ready to run! What did I tell you ’bout touchin’ the sides? To not to!

Contents: Gameboard with Mater “Patient” and Tweezers, 22 Game Cards, 11 Plastic Funatomy Parts, Play Money, Storage Drawer, Instructions.

My Thoughts

This is the game that I am SO looking forward to play with.  My husband has already advise me that I should expect been stressed a bit…   I don’t care.  I never had an OPERATION game when I was younger and always thought this game looked so cool.  

First and foremost, I didn’t know that this game needed batteries – so plan in advance and when your purchase this game get four AAA batteries at the same time (just in case you don’t have any at home).    And if this purchase is for a birthday, please do consider getting batteries for it as well – it is a thoughtful gesture for the child and his/her parents.

The goal of this game is to remove all the Funatomy inside Mater.   *grin*    I appreciate the fact that the length of the tweezers is long enough to cover the whole game.    I majorly dislike it when it is not the case on other toys.    Drive me nuts to be honest.  Hasbro has thought about this and even included some hooks to put the cord away.    Brilliant!

The Funatomy are the following – Missile Tow, Rattlin’ Gatling, Tow Jam, Oh Chute, Bad Gas, Da Bomb, Spare Tire, Leaky Oil, Busted Grill, Broken Belt and Bed Bugs.  Using the tweezers you objective is to remove these Funatomy without touching the metal side of their respective holes.   If you do, Mater’s headlight will light up and he’ll make more noise than a tipped tractor!  

You can get one of the three sets of cards while playing; Discard, Specialist or Doctor.  When you are successful with a specialist or doctor card, you receive payment for your services.  

The creators behind this fun game have thought of including a little compartment on the side of the game to store the Funatomy pieces.   Now you can be sure that all the pieces will stay with the game when they are stored properly.

This game will also help your kids (and yourself) to develop dexterity, patience and precision while you remove the Funatomy.    It will also help the players to work under pressure as you most not touch the sides while “operating” on Mater.  The single fact that the creators have decided to go with Mater for this game is wonderful – after all he is rusted and could need some improvements isn’t he? 

I am so looking forward to discover this game of OPERATION and have fun with my family while playing it.   This is another great game to bring at camping or on vacation for rainy days.    With a game like this – time will fly by you without you noticing it!

Did you know that there are many different version of OPERATION?   I sure didn’t…  The original one can still be found everywhere but you can also find the Shrek, Toy Story 3, My First Operation for younger kids , and an Iron Man edition. 

There is also a PICTUREKA! Cars 2 Card Game which I had not received but am drooling on…  I just love the Pictureka! games and would love to add this one to ones we have (Disney and regular version).

As you can see Hasbro Canada has plenty of choice of games based on the CARS 2 movie.    You can definitively find something for your family through all these choices.   If you have never try one of the original versions of these games, I would suggest that you consider getting the ones based on the CARS 2 movie.  All these products are available at your favourite toy store.


Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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