Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stella and Sam

imageStella and Sam Backyard Twilight
By zinc Roe

About the app

Play alongside Stella and Sam and their dog Fred as they spend a night camping out in their backyard. Look for bugs in the tent, discover constellations among the stars and learn about shapes with the fireflies. From zinc Roe games, the makers of the award-winning Tickle Tap Apps, the Stella and Sam Interactive Adventures combine stunning animation with three elegantly-designed activities.

STELLA: “The night Giant is coming Sam. I think I can hear his big footsteps coming over the meadow.”
SAM: “I can too!”

The Stella and Sam Apps are based on the television show and the bestselling picture book series by Marie-Louise Gay. Stella and Sam books have been translated into fifteen languages. They have sold over one million copies and are loved by children all over the world.
each Stella and Sam Adventure features beautiful fullscreen animation , three fun and simple games, quick navigation by chapter and game as well as support for English and French .

Our Thoughts

imageJasmine adores the Stella and Sam apps that we have.   So when she saw that there was a new one to review she was jumping up and down and kept asking “I want to hear the story!”.  I have previously reviewed In the Snow We Go as well as Rainy Days and Rainbows so I knew what to expect from this app.

This time around, I decided that I wanted to see the app in French.   So I went to change the language settings of our iPad and proceeded to listen to the story.    I am impressed with the translation of the story to say the least.   However, having to change the language directly from the settings on the device is a pain I find.   I would love to have the flexibility to choose the language directly from the app instead of having to change the language of the entire device.  I love having French apps but the flexibility of switching between the language has a value for me as well.  

Having said this, I would like to present you the Stella and Sam Backyard Twilight app.  This time around Stella and Sam are camping in their backyard and plan to sleep there for the night.   It reminded me when our tent was up in our backyard and I slept there.  It was a time where you didn’t have to worry much about bad events happening, where I could drive my bike without a helmet, where I had to walk to go to school without worrying much, where kids would go back home for lunch time, and when television programs were cleaned for kids.   I am pleased to see that the Stella and Sam television show is very good for kids.

The first activity that your child will have to do will be to find the bugs inside the tent.   With the help of your flashlight, you need to cover the area to explore and discover the bugs that entered the tent.   Then you have an activity where your child will have to play with fireflies to create a fun picture.   This time around though, the fireflies are always drawing the same picture which I won’t reveal to you.  Personally, I would have liked more drawings to be done by the fireflies but in the context of this app, this one is good.  

imageStella and Sam are also exploring the stars and using the stars your child will explore what image will come out of them.   This time around you can discover multiple pictures from the Night Giant. Finally the Stella and Sam go to bed.   Jasmine always say “Goodnight!” to them.   Cute.

As I have mentioned before these apps are part app part video.   It is perfect to use when you are waiting at an appointment to the doctor or dentist.    Their graphics and frames are simply well designed and colorful for the children.    I adore sitting next to my daughter and watch her play with her Stella and Sam apps.    I highly recommend them to everyone who have toddlers and preschoolers.

Stella and Sam Backyard Twilight is available for purchase at iTunes for the price of 2.99$

Keep you eye open for another Stella and Sam title coming soon.  Go-There-Square will explore magical places outside.


Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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