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Transformers–Dark of the Moon Toys


In case you didn’t know the third movie of Transformers titled Dark of the Moon is coming out on June 29th.    As much as we would like to see it, I don’t think we will be able to make it this time around.  We will have to wait until the movie comes out on DVD more than likely.   Nevertheless, Hasbro Canada has numerous toys based on the movie for your kids.


First before I present the product that Hasbro Canada has sent me, I need to show you the wonderful box that contained the products.


Isn’t it a wonderful idea for sending products to a reviewer?  I am quite impressed to say the least.

The box even opens up as though it was a transporter truck…!  Isn’t it awesome?   A perfect box that can be reuse for a birthday!


Speechless.  This is how I am right now as I look at the box itself.  But this review is not about the packaging that I have received.  

So here are the products that was included in the box I have received.

Transformers MechTech Action Figures


The MechTech toy line is introducing the new Transformers action figures.  Each Transformers MechTech action figure comes with a unique converting MechTech weapon that is interchangeable with all other core Transformers MechTech figures.  MechTech weapons can connect to each other or to Transformers figures to “power” them up.  They change from vehicle-mode to battle-ready robot mode. As the battle rages on, keep converting them back and forth, so they're ready to face whatever their enemies throw at them!

We received the Bumblebee MechTech action figure which is part of the Leader collection.  My boys have not seen any of the Transformers movie yet but they know about them via other sources like comics and television shows.   They love Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.  I personally like Bumblebee.   This Transformers has grabbed my heart from the first movie.    What my kids likes the most about the Transformers line of toys is that they can transform the toy form vehicle to robot in a matter of seconds.    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to see my husband or some friends visiting us playing with this particular item (right Tyler?).

Transformers Cyberverse Line


Race into battle with these 3-in-1 converting action sets! Your mighty figures change from ground-vehicle mode to aerial vehicle mode to battle base mode and back again. With launching missiles in both battle base and aerial vehicle mode, you and your fearless-looking figures can be ready for anything2C9ED8865056900B10A9C5C2F1F53338 the enemy forces can dish out! As the battle rages on, keep converting back forth and keep your enemies guessing.  

2C9EC82A5056900B108D1DBBCA42C0B3This particular toy is very flexible is you can see for yourself.  Again from vehicles to a Robot reading to fight the Decepticons, your child will have a blast with these toys.   Again we received the Bumblebee Mobile Battle Bunker to promote.   I am impressed with the details included in this toy from the bright colors to the fact that it can convert itself easily.

And the “piece de resistance” for movie fans around the world – The Robo Power Cine-Mask which will allow you child to watch a ReadD 3-D movie at theaters close to you.


With this mask, your child should be ready to role-playing with more than meets the eye!   Transformers fans can gear up and roll out with this Transformers Cine-Mask 3D Mask for an all-new, one-of-a-kind experience next time they go to the movie.   Each role-pla mask – offered in Optimus Prime and Bumblebee style – functions as a "battle mask” to play out the Transformers fantasy as one of the Autobot characters.  But it can also be worn while watching a movie at a ReadD 3D movie theater since it is equipped with RealD 3D lenses.    You have to verify at your theater if they are offering movies with the RealD 3D technology.

I think this mask is out-of-this-world and will be popular with many fans.    It would be different than wearing the regular pair of glasses offered in theater for sure.   I can only imagine fans going to watch Transformers Dark of the Moon with these mask when it comes out in theaters…  My only disappointment is that I won’t be able to bring my child to go watch a RealD 3-D movie.  Why?  Simply because I am one of many who have side effects after watching a RealD 3-D movie.   I’ve experienced it while watching some movies back in the spring and will not attempt to watch another one just to see if I will have the same problem.  Believe me when I say it isn’t fun whatsoever.    And since my husband doesn’t particularly like 3D movies either, I don’t see my kids going to a 3D movie in a near future (unless the grand-parents bring them that is!).

Needless to say, I am impressed with the Robo Power Cine-Mask and how you can use it.    Not only, you can use it as pretend play, but you can wear it to watch a RealD 3D movie.    I applause the people who thought of putting such an item on the market.   Goodbye boring sunglasses and hello originality!  Now I wonder what other type of mask will come out in the months to come.  

Having three boys and a girl in the family, I know that I will have to determine who will use this mask whenever they want to play with it.   Each will have a turn that’s for sure.

All these wonderful toys from the line of Transformers Dark of the Moon are available at your favourite toy store.


Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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