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How to Move from Blogger to Wordpress

336x280-how-to-move-to-wordpressHow to Move from Blogger to Wordpress: a compregensive guide so you don’t miss a step.
Written by Sharon Hujik

About the e-book

you are ready to make the move to WordPress, this is the guide you need! It outlines the exact steps to rewrite your permalinks, retain your back-links for SEO, keep your blog readers, and redirect your domain name.

My Thoughts

I’ve been considering switching my review blog to Wordpress for a couple of months.  So when the opportunity to review an ebook on the subject came to my attention I was interested.   Really interested as a matter of fact.

The author has divided her ebook in five important parts.  Part 1 is all about introduction and what to expect.   Part2 will guide you in the choice of self-hosting versus selecting a host.   If you are already setup, I would say that self-hosting would be cheaper in the end.   However, you have to make sure of certain setups… which caused me some problems (I will give more details later.).   Part 3 will provide information on how you can customize WordPress for your own blog.    Part 4 guides you through the transfer process and finally Part 5 explains how you can launch your blog with WordPress.

The author is concise in her explanations and has taken the time to illustrate with examples.   The examples are essential I find has it gives you exactly what to expect in your screen.   She will also explain in details what widgets and plugins are in easy to understand terms.   She definitively cover everything on both side of the medal – BLOGGER and WORDPRESS – without loosing you in the process.     I have seen other instructions books that didn’t have as many examples and that were not written in such a way.   I tip my hat to Sharon because she made sure that anyone could go through this without problems.

I asked the author if I would loose my Google rating while doing the move.  Here’s her answer.

The book will walk you through how to keep your backlinks, which is what Google Rank is based on.  Therefore, the move should have no negative impact on your Page Rank.  However, in about 50% of cases there is a transition period (because of the change of servers from Blogger to a new host) where your Page Rank will be an NA.  This resolves naturally within two months. 

Overall, WordPress will actually have a positive impact on your page rank, especially if you decide to purchase the premium themes which are optimized for SEO.

This is wonderful news if you asked me.

Then I decided to redesign my blog for WordPress using Artisteer.   After I have done so, I proceeded to go through the book to move my blog.   Unfortunately, at this time I have not completed the move.  Why?   It isn’t because of the ebook.    Quite contrary, the instructions are clear and very easy to follow.    My husband thought we could do the move on our server.  However, it is not setup to handle PHP at this moment.  Probably will never be setup for PHP.   And to be able to have my design on WordPress, I need PHP and *sigh*   I am extemely disappointed of the delay on the move I intended to do.    My other solution would be to use a different host company.    At this point in time, I am considering this option however money is the problem.   The author suggest DreamHost which is 8.95$ per month.    Other companies mentioned in the ebook are BlueHost for 5.95$ per month and LiquidWeb.   I also have a friend who have a server which handles PHP.    To be honest, I don’t know what to do.   *double sigh*

You might think that I am a bit above my head because I didn’t complete the move yet.   Let me tell you that I have a Master Degree in IT and that I have seen quite a lot of user documentation while working in government and in private.   This document is well done and will help you to go through the process without any glitches.   I still want to move my blog to WordPress it’s just that right now I need to wait a bit longer.    I have seen the possibilities that WordPress offers while blogging for Woodall’s and I know that the move would be a good one for me.    This move is an yearly investment of about 110$.   I am considering my options but I am not the kind of person who will jump right away with something.    If I could find a way to monetize my blog a bit better, I would use that money for covering the expense of the hosting.   With homeschooling my kids, taking care of my family, and reviewing books/products, my time is limited in pursuing this option.  As a blogger I know it takes time and dedication to be able to have sponsored posts.    I just need to be patient!

If you are interested in moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress, this ebook is definitively what you need.   For $35 you will get clear and concise guidelines on how to proceed.   And for a limited time, the author is offering a promo code to save 20% on your purchase.   Enter the promo code time4wp during your purchase. Click here to view more details


I have the opportunity to give away 2 copies of this e-book.  

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Deadline: July 1st, 2011 (To celebrate our Canada Day!)

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  1. I want to make the move so badly! I've heard it does wonders for your traffic and gives you so many customization options such as widgets!
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  6. I would love to make the switch...Blogger is always down and causing problems. and with 6 children (and baby #7 due this winter!) I don't have time to figure it out on my own!