Monday, June 27, 2011

The rocking chair from ‘68

1968 – there was a tv show named “Les meubles belles humeurs” which was for newlyweds.

My in-laws went and won a rocking chair.

In the early 2000s, my in-laws wanted to depart with it.  They were going to put the chair at the curb I think…  My husband immediately jumped on it and brought it back home. 

2008 – the chair was in our basement… taking dust.

My husband felt it was time for him to depart from this beloved chair from his youth.

So we brought it outside and proceeded to take some pictures before he brought it to the Salvation army store.



He always sat like this apparently when he was younger…




After my husband sat for the longest time ever in his chair… the boys had to try it too!




It is long gone now… somehow I am sad that we don’t have it anymore…  It would have been fun to have a picture of Jasmine on it. 

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