Friday, June 24, 2011

Lola’s Magic Cube

imageLola’s Magic Cube
Created by Beiz

About the app

Now Lola Panda is back with an all new and fun children’s education puzzle game. Lola’s monkey friend has accidently used Lola’s magic wand and mixed up the magic cube. Now Lola needs your help to solve the puzzles and put the cube back in the correct order. Use the magic wand to solve each magic cube puzzle and progress on to ever more challenging puzzles.

Designed with younger children in mind, children as young as 3 can enjoy solving the easier puzzles. Older children – up to 7 years old – will find there is enough challenge in the higher levels to entertain them as well. This game is designed to develop children’s visual, mental and concentration skills while having fun.

Our Thoughts

imageMy First reaction when I first saw this app was that I didn’t like the fact that Lola the Panda was dressed as a witch.   Magic doesn’t have to always be represented with a witch I find.   But this is only a personal preference.

This little app is essentially a way for children to solve puzzles.  Kid’s as young as three years old will have a blast to resolve the little puzzle that Lola will bring up for them!    There are three levels of difficulty associated with this app; easy, medium and hard.  

My daughter, who is three years old, has started with the easy level and quickly completed it.   She then proceeded to attack the medium level which contains more squares for her to put together.  What is interesting is that not only you can move the squares but you can twist them to put the at the proper place.   A piece of the puzzle can be at the proper place but not at the proper position (example it is upside-down…).  The challenge of putting the puzzle together get harder as you advance in the app.

The graphic are of high quality and when you complete the puzzle fun animations appears.    You have six faces to complete one level of the cube before advancing to the next level.


I find the creators behind this app have though of a fun way to motivate the kids to do puzzles on the device.  It is challenging and fun at the same time.  

The app is available in various languages;  English Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. The game uses the default language on your iPhone/iPod/iPad device.  However, you can play the game with any of the available six languages by changing the device language setting (Settings – General – International – “language”).  Personally, I would prefer to have the control of the language via the app.

Lola’s Magic Cube is available on iTunes for the price of 99 cents.   This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


I have received 5 promo codes for this app.

Leave me the reason why you would like this app as well as your mailing address and I will send it to you!  The first five people doing so, will receive a promo code for Lola’s Magic Cube.  US and Canada only.

Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.


  1. I would use this app to keep the some of the little ones occupied. Hopefully it
    would be challenging enough for some of them.

    juliadriedger at gmail dot com

  2. This looks great for my puzzle savvy daughter.

  3. Rebels_mommy at yahoo dot comJune 24, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    We would love a kid friendly app for our iPad and iPhone! Thanks for the offer :)

  4. This would keep my kids entertained when we're stuck waiting at Dr appts, etc. Thx :)

  5. My almost 4 year old would love this for our iPad. She feels left out of the gaming action a lot! - Sue Schieman

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