Friday, June 24, 2011

OREO cookies anyone?

Every time we go to the US, I am amazed by the products you can get at the grocery store…

Take the OREO cookies for example…

We do have some in Canada – Regular, Double Stuff, Golden. And once in a while you will see the mint flavored.

But in the US…. wow! So many more choices. And I just love their packaging.

On the left – the Canadian packaging with could be a pain when the part to close the bag get unglued…

On the right – the American packaging open up and close with a self resealing process. Isn’t it amazing?


A few weeks ago, we were in the US and got the following flavors – Peanut butter (not my piece of cake but the kids like them!), Heads or Tails (with one chocolate cookie and one Golden one on each side) and the Summer one with the blue stuffing in it. Yummy!


Here’s an example of the packaging in the US.    The bag is much smaller but contain numerous cookies.   And opening it is so much easier that the Canadian version…   To close it – simply bring back the section that opens back on the package and sealed it all around.   Voilà!  A two years old could do it…


And so much easier to stack in our cupboards…  See the difference in the packages.   Two of the American packages are equivalent to one from Canada.

It’s decided – when we go back in the US I will get more OREO cookies with their cool packaging and cool colors!  And I will try to find other OREA products that we don’t have in Canada.

Mr. Christie, please do bring more fun OREO cookies to Canadians…

Disclaimer:  I have not received any payment or products for this post.  I just thought it was interesting that my American friends would have more products and cool packages compare to the ones we can find here in Canada. 


  1. This holds true for so many products when you look at the Canadian vs. American variety and packaging. I had a hard time adjusting when initially coming to Canada as a lot of things were either not available or were called something else completely (i.e.: DiGiorno in the US is Delissio here). A very interesting comment about the packaging sizing though. There seems to be much more waste in Canada!


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