Thursday, September 29, 2011

DK Biography Harriet Tubman

9780756658069HDK Biography – Harriet Tubman
Published at DK Canada

Loaded with archival photographs and amazing facts, the DK Biography series introduces young readers to some of history's most interesting and influential characters. DK Biography: Harriet Tubman tells the story of the famous abolitionist, from her childhood as a slave on a Maryland plantation, to her dramatic escape, to her tireless work as an organizer of the Underground Railroad.

My Thoughts

This book is amazing to learn more on the “Moses” of the Underground Railroad.   You will learn quite a bit about Harriet Tubman and her ministry to save slaves.  I’ve heard about the underground railroad but never really read much about it.

So having this book was wonderful for me.

A few years ago, while visiting a museum in Rochester, NY, we came across a wooden box and some explanation about it.   That box was used to bring a slave to safety.  This slave was Henry Brown.   I had the book about this story so I asked the kids to climb in the box for a photo shot.  


However, reading about Harriet Tubman, I discovered that the Underground Railroad had ramifications in Canada more specifically in Ontario.   Now I am very interested in bringing my family to visit the places mentioned in this book and see places where Harriet Tubman has been.

This is definitively a great book to have to discover more about the history of the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman herself.  It is packed with pictures and anecdotes from her life as a slave and afterwards.    The research done to put this book together can be felt through the pages of it.   It is well written and put together.   A great book for anyone wanting to know more about the life of Harriet Tubman.

The DK Biography Harriet Tubman is available at  your favourite bookstore, even

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