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Well-Planned Day - Student Planner

tech1112Well-Planned Day – Student Planner
Produced by Home Educating Family Publishing

About the Planner

Help your children learn to work independently! The Well Planned Day Student Planner is designed specifically for students in elementary and middle school years. The Student Planner comes in two design options and features full color pages, spiral bound pages with perforated corner tabs for easy reference. With over 175 pages, this convenient 9"x6" size planner is has it all: July - June monthly and daily layouts, monthly special projects and notes, weekly Bible verse with corresponding catechism (Westminster Shorter), and famous quotes. The student planners also have an extensive reference section on English, Writing, Mathematics, US Geography, World Geography, States and Capitols, US Wars, US Presidents, Solar System, and Space . Perfect for any student attending school or homeschooling!

    2011-2012 Features
  • Over 175 Full Color Pages
  • Spiral Bound
  • Convenient 9"x6" Size
  • Full Year Planner: July 2011 - June 2012
  • Schedule Classes and Activities
  • Keep Track of All School Assignments
  • Weekly Chatechism and Bible Verse
  • Month at a Glance with Journaling
  • Extensive Reference Section including:
    In My Writing - English Reference
    In My Calculations - Mathematics Reference
    In My Country - U.S. Geography, States and Capitols, Government, U.S. Wars, and U.S. Presidents
    In My World - World Geography with countries listed by continents.
    Out of My World - Solar System, Space Travel, Fun Facts

Our Thoughts

As I mentioned yesterday in my post on the Well-Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner, today I am reviewing the Well-Planned Day Student Planner.

My son, Alexandre, is 10 years old this year and starting grade 5.   I have decided to make him learn to track his own progress during our school year so he can become even more independent.    Home Educating Family Publishing has sent me a pdf version of the planner for him to use.   He was quiteIMG_0229 happy  and excited when he saw it.   

Once again we printed the planner and binded it with our machine.   Again, you could decide to put the planner in a regular binder if you prefer.

This is our first experience with a student planner in our homeschool.   Alexandre used to have an agenda while he going to school 5 years ago but this was mostly used for communication between the teacher and the parents.    This time, I want to teach Alexandre to take the responsibility in tracking his progress in the various subjects we will be covering during the year.   (Shhh!  don’t tell him but I am also tracking in my Well-Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner so I  can compare between the two…)   So far, he has days where he forgets to write down certain things.   I explain to him that it is essential to make sure that he writes everything so that he is not forgetting any.    Mind you this is his first time doing it so I am highlighting the things he forgot.    It has been two-three weeks since he started using it and I must admit that he is doing a great job.     One week, he had not written anything.  It was the week when we went to Toronto about two weeks ago.   I asked why he hadn’t written anything and he says matter of factly “But we didn’t do school mom.  We were away.”  “Yes I said but what did we do?”  “We went to the zoo, pick some peaches/nectarines and went to the museum of science.”  “True and what do we call these?” He looked at me wondering what I meant and then a smile beamed in his face “Field Trips!”.   To this he picked up his planner and proceeded to write down what we did that week.

The Student Planner is different than the Well-Planned Day Family Planner.   You can see the whole week on two pages but you only have to write down your own progress.   Each day has about 12 lines on which your student can write.   An inspirational quote is also found in these two pages as well as a scripture reading and question and answer on Christianity.   The week-end has also some space to write down activities but only five lines are available for it.     Each month starts with a monthly calendar on which the child can include the field trips and activities planned.   At the end of the planner, a reference section is also included.  In there you will find information on grammar must-know details like parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization and misspelled words, two pages with math information, two pages for US students, a map of the world and its countries as well as information about space.

I think having this Student Planner will teach him a new level of responsibility. He even went back in July and wrote down the activities that we did including the VBS he attended.   Alexandre is always taking his Student Planner with him when he starts his day.    I would strongly encourage parents to teach their child about becoming more responsible with their time and their work to be done by having them tracking their own homeschool progress.  

The Student Planner is priced at 12.95$ for the printed edition and 9.95$ for the digital edition.  Two different editions are available one for the guys and one for the girls.   Simply go to the Home Educating Family Publishing website to order.

Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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