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imageMONOPOLY Streets
From EA Games and Hasbro

About the game

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the world of Monopoly comes to life through a living, breathing city that you can build, own, and monopolize. MONOPOLY STREETS has everything you love about the board game, presented as a street level tour of Mr. Monopoly’s fully animated world.

Engage in a head-to-head race to evolve the surrounding city, accumulate the most wealth, and own it all! Play against your friends live and online on Xbox 360 and PS3! Fresh takes on classic features such as property auctions, add new excitement to the classic play.

From the cheap motels on Baltic Avenue to the luxurious Boardwalk suites, there is excitement around every corner in this remade classic.

The game also includes multiple boards to play on. Along with the MONOPOLY city, there is also Landmark city which features famous landmarks from around the world. Here you can buy swanky properties from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between! It also features a variety of "classic" boards for you to enjoy. These allow you to play on traditional boards with edgy new twists.

You also have extensive options to create special House Rules in MONOPOLY Streets. Change the tax rates on special spaces, edit the rules for buying and mortgaging properties, make Free Parking a cash holder and more! Customize it to be as close to the special rules you and your family have stuck to for years.

MONOPOLY Streets is created at EA Salt Lake (EASL) and published by Electronic Arts. It is a digital translation of the popular board game by Hasbro.

Our Thoughts

One September evening, while newlywed friends were visiting us, we decided to take the MONOPOLY Streets and play against each other.   We quickly discovered that we had to team up has we don’t have four controls for the game.   After teaming up and including two computerized characters, we landmarkstart2_656x369went to explore the streets of MONOPOLY!

Right away we found that the game was really in 3D.   Throughout the game you can interact with Mr MONOPOLY and also see the rise or fall of your  tower at the center of the game.   

We opted for a quick game and already had some property in our hands.   Once you have all the property on the same color, you can start building the houses.  Once all your houses are build, you can start building your hotels.   The game is following the REAL rule of MONOPOLY which most people tend to be flexible with while playing with family and/or friends.    Different games are available to choose from as well as other boards if you want too.


We all found that the racecar character is a little bit annoying.    But even if he was a show off, we had fun during our game.   And yes the racecar has won the game while my husband and I had to go bankrupt…  

You can even have the opportunity to include your own Mii in the game if you purchase this functionality from the MONOPOLY Store.   More boards and landmarks are also available for purchase at the store.     I find it sad that you have to pay extra for more flexibility in the game.  At the price that these games are sold, why not put them all available for the user?   I wonder…


One of our disappointment was the fact that we were not able to pass one control between the players.  The game has to have four players but if you are human (because you can take some computerized characters) you have to have a control per person.    For each games, you have to have four players – not less and not more either!  

Still even though we found that some things were bothering us, this game is quite clean and enjoyable for the whole family.   I would not hesitate a minute to let my kids plays with it.    It is also a great game to learn to make decisions and manage your properties.   And you can develop skills in negotiations as well.

Monopoly Streets is available for the PlayStation 3, the Wii and the Xbox 360.

Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.


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