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DK Biography Laura Ingalls Wilder

imageDK Biography Laura Ingalls Wilder
Published at DK Canada

About the book

Filled with archival photographs and amazing fact boxes, this groundbreaking series introduces young readers to some of history’s most interesting and influential characters.
DK Biography: Laura Ingalls Wilder focuses on the author of the beloved Little House on the Prairie series, and the exciting pioneer childhood that was the inspiration for her books.

My Thoughts

The DK biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder will provide much historical information on a beloved writer that has touched and still touches many readers around the world.

I brought the book with me while camping the other week-end and I believed that I devoured it in a matters of two days.   I was completely immersed in the information that I was reading in it.    I knew that the books I had read while a little girl were fiction and that the television series that I enjoyed so much (and still enjoy since I purchase the wagon of DVDs) was not entirely based on reality.   Reading this book helped me to completely situate Laura in history.

I can’t even imagine how often they embarked on the wagon and travelled to find a new place to stay.    My husband himself moved quite often when he was younger.   I believe that his parents have moved about 40 to 50 times in their life (and they still do).    I’m more a settled kind of person.    This year marks the ninth year in our house.   Sometimes the desire of moving hit me – like when I want more space for my kids to run around.   But we haven’t make the move yet.  

Moving as often as the family of Laura must have been difficult.  In the book, you can sense that Laura’s mom was tired of this at some point.    Still they move quite often.   Once grown up, Laura and her husband will move a couple of times but finally will set their home at one place.   

I always thought that Laura Ingalls Wilder had a few kids.  No so.   They only had one girl who later in life encouraged her in her writings.    Thanks to Rose we have now wonderful books to read on the life of a pioneer family.

The book contains numerous pictures from the Ingalls, Wilders and the life as pioneers.    It is an eye opening book to realize and feel the hardship that these people went through as they move from one place to another.   

I also find that this book is a wonderful addition for a study on pioneer life and the Little House series of books.    Any child age 10 and up could easily read this book to learn more about a well-known author.

The DK Biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder is available at your favourite bookstore, even

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