Monday, September 12, 2011

How People Lived

9780756682750HHow People Lived – Snapshots of life from prehistory to the present
Published at DK Canada

About the book

An entertaining and surprising journey through the history of humans!

Following the huge success and popularity of DK's A Street Through Time, How People Lived is an ambitious update that takes the reader on a journey not only from prehistory to the present (and beyond), but also moves the scene around the globe. Through the stunning, full spread packed artwork, readers can follow the early migration route of humans, taking in the wonders of the Mayans, Ancient Egypt, and Rome, visit a thronging festival in 12th century China, witness the colonists settling in America, and join a crowded street market in Delhi.

My Thoughts

Discover the life of cave dwellers, early famers, Egyptians, Romans, a stone city in the heart of Central America, Vikings, Medieval China, Medieval village, a city of traders on the edge of the Sahara, life in Istanbul in the 1600s, Austria, a village on the Pacific coast of Canada, an English mill town, a suburb in the US, and much more.    The book will transport you from 160,000 years ago to 2010.  

The first two pages of the timeline is giving you a big picture of life during the years covered and you can see how people lived back then.   The following pages will give you more details on life during that time period.  These pages provides more historical information with maps, images of items found in archeological digs, and details based on the previous  eagle eye view seen previously.   I was particularly pleased to discover that the author of the book has thought of including the life on the West Coast of Canada.   

It is an interesting book that will help you discover how people lived through the ages.    Even though I somewhat disagree with the information found in the first couple of pages in the book (cave dwellers), I was fascinated to see how the Vikings, Egyptians, Romans and many more other civilization lived in the past.   This book can become a reference for your history lessons when you want to see the dwellings of people through the ages.   You will be able to see the clothing, the art, the ways of transportation, and so much more through the pages of this book.

The book How People Lived is available at your favourite bookstore, even

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