Monday, September 12, 2011

What I Did on My Vacation

This year our summer vacation was mostly spent close to home.

IMG_7128In June I had the opportunity to photograph a robin’s nest and discover for the first time its eggs. I was quite pleased with this as I am an amateur ornithologist. We also went to explore the City of Ottawa during the Open Doors events. At one point during that month we also took a small trip to the city of Syracuse. Finally the month finished with some action… A few days before the 10th birthday of our oldest son, our street became a beehive of activities with numerous fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. A house was burning down on another street so it was quite an event let me tell you. Have you ever witness firemen working? It is impressive!



During the month of July, we continued camping at our RV site. The first week, my husband went on training in Calgary which was a first for our family. Never before had he had to leave our home for an extended period of time. That week, I also had to deal with two sick children – one having a mysterious rash and the other one affected with poison ivy (which he got again two weeks later!). Later that month we also went fishing on the Ottawa River and enjoyed seeing bald eagles in the wild. My oldest son even learned to filet a fish (and dissect its stomach) How many kids have the opportunity of learn these skills? Not that many I think.


IMG_0514August arrived a little bit faster than we expected. Being homeschoolers, we started slowly to introduce some school work in our days. But the big even of the month was definitively the wedding of our friends in Lac-Sainte-Marie. Being an outdoor wedding, we were at the mercy of the weather and unfortunately the plans had to be changed at the last minute due to rain. My daughter was the flower girl and did a beautiful job. This was a dream of mine to have one of my kids involved in a wedding when they are younger. Have you ever had a dream come true? What was it and how did you felt? I was so proud of her when she walked down the aisle helping the little ring bearer. That following week, we decided to bring the kids to Toronto for a week. We owned a membership to the Toronto Zoo and went there to experience some much needed family time. Our whole family was able to see a new facet of the animals there!



I believe we came back from this trip refreshed and ready for the fall season. My highlight during this summer time was to be able to explore new possibilities with my camera. Photography is a passion of mine. What is one of your passions that you would like to explore more in the future?

Note to my readers: I am currently having two courses to complete my Social Media Certificate. One of the course is Digital Communication. I will post my assignments here.

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