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Well-Planned Day – Family Homeschool Planner

wpd1112bWell-Planned Day – Family Homeschool Planner 2011-2012
Produced by Home Educating Family Publishing

About the Planner

Organize your busy days all in one place with this beautifully-designed planner. That Well-Planned Day is a family homeschool organizer, designed especially for moms. This effective, yet easy-to-use format will ensure that each day at your home is smooth and profitable.


  • Spiral Bound with Three Hole Drilled to Fit into Binders
  • Over 230 Full Color Pages
  • Full Year Planner: July 2011 - June 2012
  • Home Management with weekly cleaning schedule, monthly projects, greeting card registry, and monthly budgeting.
  • Holiday Organization Section: Greeting card registry, activities and event schedules, gift giving, around town shopping, and internet shopping.
  • Organize and plan for up to 4 children in one convenient book.
  • Four Student Class Plans: Schedule each student's class assignments.
  • Four Student Time Schedules: Track each day by the hour.
  • Weekly Schedule: Organize your week with class assignments, weekly priorities, prayer requests, dinner menu, and notes.
  • Month at a Glance: Plan field trips, enrichment activities and books to read
  • Semester Attendance & Progress Reports
  • Perforated Report Cards
  • Menu Planning: Plan weekly meals and conveniently shop with perforated shopping lists.
  • Family Worship: Read through the Bible in a year.
  • Insightful homeschool articles and tips to inspire you throughout the year.

    My Thoughts

    I received the PDF version of the Well-Planned Day – Family Homeschool Planner for 2011-2012.   I prefer this version of the product as I can immediately download it and print it at my convenience.   It save on shipping.   We also own a binding machine and once I have the planner printed, I bind it so it can be handy.   I could also opt to put it in a binder if I prefer but the binding machine is very handy for us.

    I am not a stranger with this planner as I have been using it for the past two-three years.   However, this year our financial situation was difficult and I decided to ask for the possibility of reviewing the product in August.   I was pleased to receive a positive answer from Home Educating Family Publishing as it remove some worries I had on how I would track our homeschool this year.

    What I particularly love from this planner is that I can see in a glance what the kids have achieve during the week.  I have four kids and each of them have a line to themselves for each subjects.    The main subjects highlighted in the planner are Bible (for us I focus this section for AWANA time), Math, History, Science, and English.   I would like to see a subject called Foreign Languages in the future which could cover French, Spanish and Latin.   Many homeschoolers are studying foreign languages so this would be perfect I think.   However, there are an extra subject lines for four kids as well as three more spaces to include information for your day.   I usually write our French lessons in the extra subject line and the swimming/Awana at the bottom of the page.  

    The way the planner is set up, you will be able to glance at your full week in two pages.   The main days of the week where homeschool usually happens are predominant in these pages.  On the right side of the planner, you can scribble the weekly priorities for the family, write down your menu (thought this area is quite small I would suspect it is only for supper time), and write down the week-ends activities at the bottom of the page.   Also included in your week, you will have a scripture, a motivation thought as well as a weekly catechism which contains a question and answer based on the Christian faith.

    Each month starts with a monthly calendar where you can jolt down the monthly activities as well as a page to enter the books read, the field trips and/or enrichment activities and a section to keep track of your finances.  Then you have a two pages monthly devotional.  It is essentially a text that you can read and re-read anytime during the month which will encourage you in your homeschool journey.    A shopping list page is also included for each month in the planner.  

    At the beginning of the planner, you will also find a class plan for four students.   I am still trying to figure out my schedule with four kids being homeschool this year.   I have a motivated Junior Kindergarten, a grade one, a grade two and a grade five this year.   I have to figure out how my mornings and afternoons will be before I use these pages. 

    I really love my Well-Planned Day – Family Homeschool Planner 2011-2012.   I wouldn’t go through a school year without it.   It is one of the products that I absolutely need to have.   I have encountered other planners in the past and so far this specific planner is the one that answer most of my needs.    I find it complete for our family and even adaptable for our school year.   

    My only disappointment at this time would be the fact that the digital edition of the product is not cheaper than the printed version.  Their other products have a difference of price and I am wondering why it is not the case with the Well-Planned Day – Family Homeschool Planner.    On another note, this planner is packed with interesting things so it is well worth the price.    My wishes for the future would be to find a similar product in French.   There are many French homeschoolers out there and I think it would be a great product for them.   Translating this planner shouldn’t take much time I think (apart from the devotionals that is).

    The Well-Planned Day – Family Homeschool Planner is available for purchase for the price of 24.95$ whether in the printed or digital version.

    Tomorrow, I will post a review on the Well-Planned Day Student Planner which my son is using this year to learn to track his own progress in our homeschool.

    Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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