Sunday, March 27, 2011

A to Z of Gratitude–Letter J


J is for two important people in my life.  Turns out that two of my kids’ name start with the letter J

J is for Jérémy.

Jérémy is a fun little boy who loves to rock to fall asleep (literally – in his bed…).    I caught him often in a funny position while sleeping and I wonder how he does it sometimes.  He is quite flexible and loves to show it to people around him.  Jérémy will eat what he likes and do the chipmunk for the rest.   *sigh*   But this little boy loves to smile and laugh.    He is quite curious about everything around him and enjoys exploring with the rest of the family.


J is also for Jasmine.

My baby.  oups – she would say I’m not a baby anymore… and she is right.   My youngest child is quite determined and seems to be the one with the strongest will.   She loves to follow her big brothers but at the same time she is everything girly.   She loves dresses, the color pink, ladybugs (lucky me!), dolls and Dora.   


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