Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ark Encounter


Have you heard about the BIG news from Answer in Genesis and the Creation Museum?  They are embarking in an amazing construction project:   building the ark according to the dimensions and size mentioned in the Bible.    The Ark Encounter Project is currently being build on a rolling terrain off Interstate I-75, about 40 miles from the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati).

The Ark Encounter will be a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction which will provide entertainment and education at the same time.    Numerous historical events will be presented in this part which will have a full-size, all-wood Ark at its center.

The plans also include a walled city, the Tower of babel, a first-century Middle Eastern village, a journey in history from Abraham to the parting of the Red Sea, a walk-through aviary, a petting zoo and much more.

I am personally excited about this project and look forward to plan a trip to visit both the Creation museum and the Ark Encounter.    I find that it is important to educate people and present the Bible as it was.   I trust Answer in Genesis in making sure that it will be accurate and educational.    As a homeschooler, I want my kids to visualize the Bible and having Ark Encounter will help to visualize the grandeur of the ark itself.   I am confident that this new theme attraction will be a success.  I sure hope that Middle East food will be offered on site to encourage people to expand their taste buds and to make the experience more real.


The grand opening is schedule for Spring of 2014.    This opening will include about 95% of the planned attractions.  Phase Two will begin based on funding and Ark Encounter attendance and will include a butterfly emporium and a 500-seat indoor theater.

You can participate in the construction by donating to the project.   A peg is 100$, a plank is 1000$ and a beam is 5000$.  To donate, click here.   Depending of the amount you would give, you will receive various gifts.   For example, for the 5000$ donation, you will get free passes to the grand opening and free passes to a special behind the scenes tour.


Stay up-to-date with the information concerning the Ark Encounter by visiting their blog.

As for us, we will be waiting patiently for the grand opening of Ark Encounter.    In the meantime, I will pray that the fundraising will be fructuous and that many will come on board for the project.    I also pray that the schedule and deadlines are meet.  

PS If Ark Encounter is looking for a family to come and review the opening – please do consider us.  *grin*   We would love to cover the opening and the various attractions in a special blog project of ours.   The kids would be involved in this blog as well (in 2014 they will be respectively 6, 8, 10 and 12 (going on 13)).  

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