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Complete Human Body

book_completehumanbodyThe Complete Human Body – The Definitive Visual Guide
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About the Book

Exploring the human body in greater depth than ever before, this is the definitive guide to the development, form and function of the human body. From an anatomical overview of the body's systems and how it works to our development from conception to old age, this breathtaking portrait of the human body is illustrated with unprecedented clarity by new computer-generated artwork and the latest medical and microscopic imaging.


  • an interactive DVD that enables readers to explore CGI animations of body structures, systems, and processes
  • life-sized layouts and spreads
  • over 2000 full-color images and artworks
  • summaries of over 200 diseases and disorders

My Thoughts

Speechless.   That’s how I am EVERY time I open this book to look into it.

Let’s start with the content of the book.   Within the 512 pages included in The Complete Human Book you will find information about everything linked to your body.   It covers the anatomy by illustrating all the various systems that can be found in us.  Then it also give the details on how the body works going into each systems in detail.  A special section covers the entire life cycle of a human being and finally you can discover more about the various diseases and disorders we can face in our lifetime. 

The book is perfect for anyone in your family especially if you have a child very interested in learning about the human body and dreaming of becoming a doctor missionary.   My oldest son has this dream as we speak and he is 10 years old.   Since last year, I have been blessed with wonderful curriculum to help deepen his interest in learning about it.   This book is definitively the cherry on top of the all the blessing we have received on the subject.     The details in each illustration is breathtaking and we can learn a great deal with it.   Please see the image below for an example of the muscular system.


This visual guide of the whole human body can become a reference book for many years to come.   I think that even doctors should have this book on their own office and  keep their knowledge up-to-date once in a while.    But for us, studying the human body and having this book is great because we can discover more on the subject learned by opening this amazing book and reading more on each system. 

The diseases and disorders pages can be very helpful what you want to learn more about a problem you or a loved one might have.   Each potential problem is illustrated and clear information is given as well.    So now I can refer to it to learn more about diverticular disease, tendonitis, or  gallstones (which I had surgery for back in 1997!).   I also learned that the gallbladder receives, stores, and concentrates bile then release it to aid fat digestion.    Now that I don’t have one anymore I wonder how my body has compensated to help the fat digestion…  Personally, I find it very interesting and instructive to read more about these.   Others might prefer not to explore this section for various reasons...    At the end of the book, you also have a glossary which will give you the definition of all the words found in it.

The DVD rom contains a detailed anatomy atlas showing different view  of each part of the human body.   You will explore the skeletal, muscular, nervous and cardiovascular systems with the click of the mouse.   You can also visualize the body scan from head to toe and discover annotated MRIs.  Next time you go to the doctor or the hospital, you will possess the information to understand what they are telling you!

Seriously, I think each household should have a book like this one in their personal library.    It is a reference book that no one should be without.  The price is well worth it when you consider the ton of information contained in The Complete Human Body.

Watch a presentation of the book.

The Complete Human Body is available everywhere even at

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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