Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Acts of Chocolate


It came to my attention that Mars Canada is having a Random Acts of Chocolate event.

I thought the idea was fabulous and decided to post about it…

Are you ready to commit to do a random act of kindness?   If so you might like this special event.

We like to think that we are kind don’t we?  But how kind are we really?   Have you really stop and thought of that?

A way of measuring the kindness of our fellow Canadians is to join the Mars Canada Inc’s RANDOM ACTS OF CHOCOLATE campaign by accepting the MARS Chocolate Kindness Pledge and become a Kindness Ambassador today!  

A unique Kindness Meter is tracking the kind acts to determine how kind Canadians are.

To kick-start all this kindness, Mars Canada Inc. is giving away 50,000 coupons to be redeemed for a FREE chocolate products.    In the SmartSouce magazine (located in the local newspaper) you will find a Buy One Get One Free offer.    Take advantage of it and start the kindness wave around Canada!

In our household, we always try to be kind to neighbours and strangers.   The boys regularly help to hold doors when going to a store or swimming lessons.   It is sweet and very nice to see them do it without us reminded them to do so.     We also help our neighbours whenever we can.   My oldest go shovel the path to the house of one of our neighbours and more recently we shared our heart shaped biscuits with my her when she and her baby were sick.    Once my husband and my oldest boy went down the street to pick up the flying garbage because it was just plain crazy.    These are just a sample of how we are kind to people around us.   How do you teach your kids to be kind to others? 

Go to for more details or visit their facebook page!


DIsclaimer:  I wasn’t paid for this post.   I just thought the idea was fabulous and decided to spread the word about it.   

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