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Visualize World Geography


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I homeschool my kids because I feel I was called to do so.   But as a homeschooler I have to get the curriculum I think would be  good for my kids.  

Last year, I realized that I needed to introduce geography in our days.   But for a homeschooler you have to plan in advance for your budget.   Fortunately, being a blogger reviewer has its advantages.   I can have the opportunity to review wonderful curriculum that we get to use.   I figure if I don’t ask I won’t know if the publisher would agree to my request of reviewing it.   

So earlier this year, I approached the publisher of the product Visual World Geography to see if I could review it.    I had previously review a similar product for the US states and thought it was very creative.   I was curious to see how you could teach world geography using images.

imageTo my delight, the author agreed to my request to review it and send me the entire Visual World Geography curriculum.   I wasn’t expecting this whatsoever.   But in the box I received in February, I had the DVDs, question and answer workbooks for each continent, 5 laminated posters, the Visual World geography textbook, the Flag colouring book as well as a CD containing the workbooks (which is a blessing in disguised since I have four kids…). 

This curriculum will help you remember the picture associated to a country when you hear its name.    After you will go through the DVDs you will easily picture it in your head and exactly know where it is located around the world.    On the DVD, you will have the lessons on how to visualize the country as well as additional lessons which will provides interesting facts for each country.  These facts are mainly about the capital, the mountains, rivers, lakes as well as any tidbit of information that could be interesting regarding the country you are studying.  For example, while learning the countries of South America, I learned that Bolivia used to have a port on the Pacific Ocean but that after a war that parcel of land has been given to Chile.   

The curriculum also comes with a Flag coloring book while will help the kids to know the flags from the countries next time there is an Olympic competition.   Each flag is a representation of the country, the history, culture, and affiliations.    Learning about them is quite interesting I find. 

I use this curriculum in conjunction with another product that I have.   After my oldest son has learned with Visual World Geography, I print him a special page and he does a little research on the country.    I find that there two curriculum are good together as they complete each other.   And while he research on the country, he practices his hand writing.   Fabulous!

Visual World Geography is quite unique in itself.  It brings images in the learning of geography.   I love the idea behind it and find it easy to remember the lessons even after a few weeks has passed.    I am planning to continue our geography lessons with Visual World Geography and will suggest it to other homeschoolers I know.     It is easy to remember Italy because of the boot but this curriculum will help you to remember all the countries of the world with visual pictures.   

The author also invited us to her cattle ranch in Texas…  One of these days I will take her up on her offer.

The entire VWG Curriculum: Contains DVD World Set (about 8 hrs. of instruction), question and answer workbooks for each continent, 5 laminated posters (to trace and retrace countries using dry erase markers) plus VWG Textbook, and Flag Coloring Book is available for purchase directly from Tender Heart Press for the price of 215$ US.  

Disclaimer: Thanks to Tender Heart Press for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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  1. Thanks for this review, as I'm looking to purchase Visualize World Geography. I'm also curious as to the other product you have, as it's always great having teaching resources that compliment one another. :)

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