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The Aedyn Chronicles–Chosen Book

0310718120The Aedyn Chronicles – Chosen Ones
Written by Alister McGrath
Published at Zonderkids

About the book

The land of Aedyn is a paradise beyond all imagining. But when this paradise falls, strangers from another world must be called to fight for the truth. Peter and Julia never suspected that a trip to their grandparents’ home in Oxford would contain anything out of the ordinary. But that was before Julia stumbled upon a mysterious garden that shone on moonless nights. It was no accident that she fell into the pool, pulling her brother along with her, but now they’re lost in a strange new world and they don’t know whom they can trust. Should they believe the mysterious, hooded lords? The ancient monk who appears only when least expected? Or the silent slaves who have a dark secret of their own? In a world inhabited by strange beasts and magical whisperings, two children called from another world will have to discover who they truly are, fighting desperate battles within themselves before they can lead the great revolution.

Who is Alister McGrath?

Alister E. McGrath is a historian, biochemist, and Christian theologian born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. McGrath, a longtime professor at Oxford University, now holds the Chair in theology, ministry, and education at the University of London. He is the author of several books on theology and history, including Christianity’s Dangerous Idea; In the Beginning, and The Twilight of Atheism. He lives in Oxford, England and lectures regularly in the United States.

My Thoughts

This book will transport you in the land of Aedyn and will bring you in a fantasy world where the slaves are looking forward to the days where they will be freed from the evil rulers.   Two children from our world will help them to overthrown the current ruling and find peace after more than 500 years of oppression.    The book is interesting but not as captivating as I would have thought.   It is a creative allegory of the message in the Bible and the deliverance from evil.    But somehow my interest got lost in the pages of this book.    I am not sure what is missing for me to had enjoyed it more.   I am guessing that I am not the type of person who enjoys fantasy books as much as I thought I would have.

I thought this book would grasp the interest of my almost 10 years old son.   But after he read a few chapters somehow, he doesn’t seem to be interested enough to pick it up and pursue the reading.    Maybe he is more like me.    I find that if I enjoy a book very much more than likely he would as well.  

The drawings included in the book are beautiful but part of me would have preferred coloured drawings.   I guess I have to use my imagination in a way.

Even though this book wasn’t a hit for my son and I, I think it is a well written story and is worth discovering if you are the type of person who enjoys fantasy novels.

The Aedyn Chronicles – Chosen Ones is available at your favourite bookstore, even at

Disclaimer: Thanks to Zondervan for sending me the book for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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