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The Organized Home Schooler

The Organized Home Schooler
Written by Vicki Caruana
Published at Crossway

About the book

A veteran educator offers spiritual and practical advice to families on how to become more proficient in educating their children. This book discusses issues such as time management and the use of space to aid in a more clutter-free life.

Who is Vicki Caruana?

Formerly a public school educator, Vicki Caruana frequently speaks at homeschool conventions and leads workshops while also homeschooling her two sons.

My Thoughts

I wonder if there is an homeschooler out there that is fully organized.   I find that in my four years of homeschooling so far I have improved but there is still much improvement in getting organized.   My biggest organizational lack is more than likely following a schedule properly.

Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement in my life as a wife,mother and homeschooler.   So when I got the copy of The Organized Home Schooler into my hands I was quite intrigued and curious about it.   I immediately started to read it.  

The author starts with the basics which is making you dig in your Bible to discover interesting scriptures on organization.  After this chapter, you get thrown in the  reasons of being organized as well as various chapters on getting organized with your time, space, supplies & materials, paperwork, and family.    She also gives you plenty of example based on her own life.  Each chapter concludes with a check list to help you review the information from the chapter with a quick glance on the page.   So far I am savouring this book.   I am taking my time to read it as I know that I could improve on various levels of organization – at home, planning for a trip, in the RV…. you name it.

But before finishing my review of this book, I would like to share how I tackled the paperwork linked with our homeschooling.    To avoid having to keep too many papers from the work the kids are doing every years, I decided to scan them and saved them on my laptop (which is backed up on a regular basis).    This permits me not to have to swim in lots of papers in my office (because I already have tons of paper to keep for the business and our household)…   The kids didn’t want to throw they creations and we came to the agreement that we will keep some for their memory books, scan or take a picture of the rest before it goes in the recycling.    This way everyone is satisfied and my kids know that they will get a copy later in life.   For workbooks, I keep some and scan the rest.   For example, all the work that my oldest do on Easy Grammar can be scanned and then recycled.  However, his work with Math U See will be stored (even though I scan the  certificate of accomplishment).  

I am still a young homeschooler and I love reading this kind of book every once in a while just to be updated on the new things going on or to get encouragements. The Organized Home Schooler is the kind of book that will encourage you to get better at what you do.   One way for an homeschool to be on top of things is to be organized.   With this book you can identified the areas where you need improvement and apply the suggestions the author has.

The Organized Home Schooler is available everywhere, even at

Disclaimer: Thanks to Crossway for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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