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DK Graphic Readers

DK Graphic Readers
Published at DK Canada

About the books

Combining the excellent content of DK Readers with the excitement of a graphic novel, these thrilling books use rich, historically accurate settings—such as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome—as the backdrops for tales of murder, betrayal, and revenge!

  • Reference section provides nonfiction context, including timeline, maps, and glossary
  • Each page contains an amazing historical fact
  • Graphic novel style engages kids 7–11 to read

Our Thoughts

When I discovered these books I immediately thought about the fact that these would be great to incorporate in our history lessons.   Each and every one of them is written as though it was a graphic novel.  The stories are set in a time of history and incorporate historical events in them.   

Part graphic novel and part historical fiction, these books will grab the attention of your kids and will transport them to a time in history.    I have enjoyed quite a bit reading through them and I didn’t hesitate one second to ask my oldest son, who is ten years old, to read them as well.    He read through them in a record time – as a matter of fact he actually devoured them while we were on vacation.    Every time he finished one he would ask for another.    He was a bit disappointed when I gave him the last one.  Here’s what he has to say about the books:

I like the books because they are action packed.  Adventure and mystery are both present and I can learn a bit as well.

Each graphic reader we have received cover a part of history – four of them will present Ancient History and the last one is set in a more recent history. The five books I received are:


The Curse of the Crocodile God will transport you to Ancient Egypt.


 The Terror Trail is set in Ancient Rome


The Price of Victory is set in Ancient Greece during the Olympics


 Instruments of Death happens to cover Ancient China


Wagon Train Adventure highlights the travel of pioneers while travelling to California.

Each of these books is graded for a level 4 Proficient Reader as it contains rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure, additional information and alphabetical glossary.   The fact that this is in the form of a comic book encourages reading I find.    Also included at the end of the books are a map, timeline as well as information on the history behind the story.     These books are well written and I would recommend them for homeschoolers to include in their history lessons.    I am a bit disappointed that there isn’t more history graphic readers in the series as I find it bring history to life when reading and seeing these stories.  I sure hope that in the future DK will provide more  titles in this series.

Each DK Graphic Readers is available at your favourite bookstore, even

Disclaimer: I received the products for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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