Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hasbro Family Game Night 3 Wii

61zCDeais0L__AA300_Hasbro Family Game Night 3 for the Wii
Created by EA Games

About the game

In Family Game Night 3, discover endless family fun at the Family Game Night Theme Park!

Spin the wheel of fate in the GAME OF LIFE, find out “whodunit” in CLUE, get your groove on with TWISTER, trigger crazy chain reactions in MOUSE TRAP, or try your hand at YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN.

Enjoy classic and remixed versions of your favorite games, play with your own customized avatar, and challenge family and friends in online multiplayer

Our Thoughts

One evening, my husband and I settled to play a little bit on the Wii.  Having received the Family Game Night 3, we decided we would try out this one for a change.   Inside this Wii game you will find popular Hasbro games that don’t need any presentation anymore: Clue, Game of Life, Yahtzee, Mouse Trap and Twister.

We didn’t know what to expect as this was our first Wii game from Hasbro and EA that we were reviewing.   We were pleasantly surprised to be brought to an island of fun where you can choose the various games you want to play.  The graphics are fabulous for each and every single one of them.    In Mouse Trap, you are the mouse and you try to build the trap as fast as you can.   In the Game of Life you go through life and try to make as much money as you can before your retirement.   In Clue you have to solve the mystery. Yahtzee has been transformed as a card game with multiple players and finally Twister has also been transformed as a follow the rhythm kind of game.  We were wondering how the Twister game would be presented on a Wii game and we were very happy to discover the originality of the creators.    It was very out-of-the-ordinary and very creative.    The trick is to have coordination while playing and a good memory obviously!



We had fun discover the games on the island of fun (that’s what I call it…).    The animation and graphics are very family friendly – even though the spouses in the Game of Life were a bit cranky…   This is definitively a clean game to purchase for your Wii and to play as a family.    I would not hesitate to let my own kids play by themselves on this Wii game.   It is fun, spunky and will bring laughter.   

The game is available on different platforms; Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Hasbro Family Game Night 3 for the Wii is available at your favourite store, even

Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! We just started doing a monthly Neighborhood Family Game Night, where we gather all the families in the neighborhood on the first week of each month, have good food, and great times! Especially in the summer, we all sit outside and barbecue...we even invested in a spinning wheel so we could have small prizes. Now that colder weather is coming, it'll be nice to bring everyone inside and try team-play on the Wii with this game! Thanks for the review :D