Sunday, August 7, 2011

One man’s garbage is one woman’s treasure

Have I caught your attention?

Well I was thinking how blessed I was to have found four bookshelves at the curb since the spring.

Back in March/April, we had decided to bring my craft area in the basement so I can have more place in my  office.   I needed bookshelves.  Hubby went to purchase some on sale while at Canadian Tire.   A day later, a person down my street had put two at the curb.    We picked them up and returned the ones we bought…

One had to be cut out but I didn’t care, it was doing the job.   Cookbooks can go on that one.   We had to buy wood to make shelves in it too.  That’s okay.  One had my scrapbook magazines in it.   Both contained some craft supplies as well.   They did the work finely.   No need to have new bookshelves when some people are throwing perfectly good ones!

About three weeks ago, after dropping off the kids at their VBS one morning, I saw a small while bookshelf and another storing module at the curb of the old emplacement of the Christian school (they have move since a year).    I remove the backing of the bookshelf which was destroyed and put both in the truck.    We had to buy a shelf and get it cut.  Price tag about 9$.   Result: a nice bookshelf on the side of the stairs which will contain reference books from DK Canada, New Leaf Publishing and other publishers.

As for the other storing module I picked up a wheel was missing.  But I am planning to remove all the wheels and use it to let craft projects dry like painting, glued ones from the kids and so on.  

Finally, last week, as I was coming back from a walk from Farm Boy – I had to buy some veggies on Monday – I decided to come back from another way and found this marvelous bookshelf at the curb.   Metal legs, wooden shelves.   Not broken.   I quickly went back home and took the truck to go pick it up.    It is now located in the basement and hold my French comics, reference books for comics like Superman, Batman, Spider-man, DC and Marvel as well as the cookbooks that got transferred there as we are in reorganizing mode.

I think I am set.  No need for more bookshelves in this household.    But I am pleased of my find to say the least.    Save a ton of $ and now the kids can finally read my French comics…  *grin*   Tintin, Astérix & Obélix, Lucky Luke and more here we come!


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