Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reorganizing mode

I am in reorganizing mode…

Let’s face it.  My scrapbook area in the basement is barely used.    I was using it more when it was upstair in my office.   So we are re-organizing the office/scrapbook/basement.

First thing we did is bring the filing cabinet (a four drawers one) in the basement.    It is giving me more space in my office.

Step #2 = emptying the bookshelves in my office and moving them about a foot. 

Yeah I know I am crazy….    But this will allow me to bring upstairs the old change table transformed as a scrapbook storage unit.  Well I am hoping anyway.  Because as I was writing this I turned around and looked at the walls…   I am thinking it might not work.   *sigh*

Oh well.    We will move the scrapbook things upstairs and bring some of the homeschool things I have for older years/younger years not in use in the basement.   

And I will also go through the numerous books we have and determine which one to keep and which one to give away/sale. 


I also want to organize the school room which is a major mess as we speak.    But the new year is starting soon and I need to be focused.    So much to do.  So little time.

So now my office is full of books in boxes and on the floor.  

The kids are chatting on the first floor.

Someone is coming to see the bed/mattress we have for sale this afternoon.

All is good.


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