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The Family Illustrated Bible

family-illustrated-bible-coverThe Family Illustrated Bible
Published at New Leaf Publishing Group

About the book

The Family Illustrated Bible is designed to engage every age in the beautiful truths of God’s Word. This special Bible is packed with:

  • exciting facts about the people of the Old and New Testaments
  • vivid, full-color photos and illustrations
  • detailed maps of the lands of the Bible
  • clear timelines
  • and a thorough index

Children will find each biblical account is easy to read. Adults will enjoy its beauty while leading their family in devotions. The Family Illustrated Bible is an excellent resource to establish the family’s foundation on the Bible. Once in the home and hands of inquiring minds, this Bible will not be ignored.

The Family Illustrated Bible was designed by Sally Tagholm, an award-winning author who has written numerous children’s books on history and animals.

My Thoughts

Previously published as The Children’s Bible under another publisher, this Bible is a great addition to every family personal library.  This Bible not only contains the main stories in a regular Bible but it also includes photos, maps, reference information about biblical times and more.

As I am writing this review, the Bible is opened to the page of Jonah and the Big Fish.   I am starring at the illustration and realized that it is the first time that I see it on this angle – coming from the  bottom of the see watching the whale coming at Jonah and see the bottom of the boat and the sailors looking from above the water.    It is marvelously done and I am amazed by the details of it.   I see jars of clay going down, a box of product going down, other kind on fishes swimming around, seaweeds floating around…  This story is a good reminder of the importance of obeying God when He calls us to do something for Him.

The illustrations are wonderfully made and represent the stories quite well.   Sometimes they will be in colors while other times they will be in black and white.  And you will never know how you will have to hold the Bible while reading it.   Sometimes you will have to hold it vertically to read it and see the illustration.   Throughout the Bible you will also encounter pages that will give you more information about things/people that the people of God have encountered in history: Canaanites, Mesopotamia, Promised Land, Philistines, Temple in Jerusalem, Wilderness of Beersheba and more.   These pages will help you and your children to visualize the land, the other civilizations and the buildings during the Biblical times.

Watch a little video of the Family  Illustrated Bible.

I am seriously thinking of using this Bible as part of our curriculum this year.  Our first reading in the morning as it will cover the Bible stories.   Each Bible story has about two pages to read and we could talk about what was said and the illustration before starting our day.   The Family Illustrated Bible is well presented and I would recommend it to anyone who have children. 

The Family Illustrated Bible is available at your favourite bookstore, even

Disclaimer: I received the product from New Leaf Publishing Group for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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