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BEYBLADE Metal Masters


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This coming Saturday, February 25th, you could participate to the Beyblade Metal Masters at a ToysRUs near you.     And each store’s Champion will win an awesome Beyblade Prize Pack (retail value of 92$) and will be entered into a draw for a chance to win 1 of 3 pairs of VIP Golden Tickets to attend the BEYBLADE World Championships on March 25th, 2012 in Toronto (Value 1500$).

Participants must be 8-13 years of age and must be register by their parent or legal guardian with exception of residents of Quebec where participants may only be age 13 as of February 25th, 2012 to compete.  In store pre-registration required since there is only 32 spots available per location!  So if you want to participate you better hurry this week because registration begun February 10th at your local ToysRUS store.

Wondering which ToysRUs are participating to this amazing event?    You can see the list of the store by clicking here.   In Ottawa, the St Laurent and the Merivale store will be participating to this event.  Rules and regulations can be read by clicking on the golden ticket.

To celebrate the upcoming event, Hasbro has sent me some of their Beyblade products to review


BeyBlade  Metal Master Performance Top Battle Top assortment and BeyBlade Metal Masters Beystadium

“Turn up” the excitement with these awesome stadiums. Set your own Beyblade tops (sold separately) against each other in head-to-head combat or compete with a friend to determine the ultimate champion. When the high-speed top-spinning action begins, there’s no telling how it will end!

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Beyblade: Metal Fusion Battle Top Faceoff Assortment

Two top battle set based on the Metal Fusion TV series. Includes two 5-piece tops plus two launchers, ripcords and assembly tools. Also includes a code to battle online at


Beyblade Metal MAsters Tornado Top Assortment

These TORNADO Tops are not for the faint of heart. Designed for angled attacks, they have a narrow defense tip for more endurance. Their specialty: moving out of BEYSTADIUM penalty pockets! (BEYSTADIUMS each sold separately.) Use the RIPCORD LAUNCHER to send these tops into your kind of battle! Each one-piece top comes with RIPCORD LAUNCHER and instructions. Each sold separately. Styles may vary.


Beyblade Metal Masters Battle Gear Assortment 

Assortment of launchers and grips to enhance the battle experience and provide a competitive edge. All items feature in the Metal Masters TV series and include a collector poster.




Beyblade Extreme Top System Half-Pipe Battle Set

Get ready to LET IT RIP! This awesome set has everything you need to start battling the included PEGASUS JUMPER and KERBECS BLADE BLAST tops! Unleash these two for a HALF-PIPE BEYSTADIUM battle and watch your PEGASUS JUMPER top leap up for a surprise attack – then see your KERBECS BLADE BLAST top release his hidden wings and strike back! The set even includes 24 tournament grids to chart your battles.

HALF-PIPE BEYSTADIUM comes with 2 BEYBLADE STEALTH BATTLERS Tops, 2 RIPCORD LAUNCHERS, 24 Tournament Grids, Official Rule Book and 2 Collector Cards.



BeyBlade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set

This complete TRIPLE BATTLE SET has everything you need to start battling it out with the best! With a BEYSTADIUM arena to fight in and exclusive battle tops and launchers, you can start your dueling practice as soon as you’re set up. Customize the BEYSTADIUM with three battle cores: the Zip Core forces straight-line movement, the Chaos Core brings chaos to the tops’ movement, and the Deflector Core brings craziness because it affects right-spin and left-spin tops differently! With the tournament grids and official rule book, you’re ready to do battle with all comers! Set up your exclusive GALAXY PEGASUS and METEO L-DRAGO tops for a launching, spinning attack that will leave you victorious – or ready to fight again!

TRIPLE BATTLE SET comes with 2 exclusive METAL MASTERS tops, 3 battle cores, 2 RIPCORD LAUNCHERS, 24 tournament grids, 2 collector cards and official rule book.   W105R2F GALAXY PEGASUS Attack     LW105LF METEO L-DRAGO Attack


Beyblade Extreme Top Systems Stealth Battlers

STEALTH BATTLERS tops create explosive battle action with a secret attack feature that deploys when they collide with another top!   Includes STEALTH BATTLERS top, RIPCORD LAUNCHER™* and instructions.   Each sold separately. Styles may vary.


My Thoughts

I first discovered the Beyblade over a year ago.    Apparently, my husband saw something fun and challenging in this particular toy and thought it would be fun for the boys to have one.    Honestly I didn’t see the point in competing with tops.    Oh I had a top when I was younger but it was an individual game….   So I decided to dig and checked the history behind these popular tops.

Beyblade is a high-performance spinning top that was originally developed back in 2000.  The toys has been inspired by a tradition spinning top from Japan – the Beigoma.  The Beyblade toy was introduce in the market with the broadcast of the Beyblade anime television series

Hasbro has seen the potential of the tops and has made it fun, innovative and adaptable since 2002.   Each type of top performs differently.  The tops can attack, defense, stamina and balance.    So collecting them make sense as you can customize them.    The best way to find how your tops are performing and created the ultimate top is the experiment and see how you can enhance them by switching parts.  Beyblades may have pictures on them that symbolizes a creature – a Bit-Beast – which indicates what the top do or look like.   The Beyblade Metal Fusion ones have symbols that represent one of the 99 known constellations in space.    The 4D series Beyblades are named after planets and constellations.   The more I am learning about them, the more I see the interest they are creating in young and older people – boys or girls.

There is a whole strategy behind these competitions.   What kind of top does the opponent have, and what will be the best way to defeat it?  Do you need an attack top or one with stamina?  Is a defense top your best option, or a top with balance?    Just thinking of all these questions make my head spin…    It is also good to familiarize yourself with the different types of stadiums so you can determine which top will work best with it.    I am not kidding.     And while you are competing, you can try to determine which top you are battling so you can choose the best top and strategy to win. 

I  guess I have underestimate the popularity of the Beyblade at first.   For starter, I didn’t know there were such a thing as a World Championship.   I must admit that that I am impressed with the new Beyblade stealth Battlers which can deploy and destroy the opponent.   These tops hide a secret attack feature that will surprise your opponent.    Pretty ingenious.   The other day I went to the store to check out the display just for fun and I was taken by surprise to see the popularity of the tops.    Various companies have their own top collection now but I think the Beyblade are the most versatile and the most well known out there.      Hasbro has a complete series of tops, launchers, arenas as well as a Beylocker to store the tops in it.    I am suspecting that the boys will get more into this as they discover the whole competition behind it.   They also have a website where you can battle online at and have video games for the Nintendo DS

Unfortunately, this week-end we won’t be able to attend the Ultimate Experience at our local ToysRUs.   I was hoping that I could attend and write about my thoughts on the competition.     But, my second son, Dominic, has a birthday celebration as he turns eight on Monday.    It is a bit disappointing as I would have like for the oldest boys to see what was behind a competition.    I guess there is always next year….    In the meantime they will be able to practice and experiment to discover more strategies and techniques to create the best top for competition.

Beyblade… Let it rip!

You can also follow Beyblade on facebook at

Beyblade products can be purchase at your favorite toy store.  


Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes and for the giveaway . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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