Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clever Dragons Registration process is impressive

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Recently I received the opportunity of becoming a Always Clever Blogger member for Always Icecream and Clever Dragons.

My daughter is too young to access Always Icecream but my three boys are perfect for the ages to which Clever Dragons target.

Though we haven’t tried it yet….  (I set up the account this morning!)   I must blog about the membership process.

I have reviewed other online sites in the past and I had mixed feelings about them because of the chat feature.   I was questioning the fact that technically anyone can access the site and start chatting with your child.   After all predators can lie about their age right?

Well during the process of registration with Clever Dragons, I immediately saw that there is the possibility to include or remove the community feature.   What is the community feature you might wonder?   Simply said it is a feature that includes friends, games and video commenting and additional fun-oriented and age-appropriate games and videos.    And yes – there is communication included in there.  Though it says that all communication and contributions are monitored and reviewed before they are published (which is a huge thing for me!), I have decided that for the time being, I will remove this feature from the account.    However, let me tell you that you can re-instate it anytime you want.

The learning games are for grade-level – having only one account for the three boys I have decided to select the K to 8th levels.   Having the possibility to select the range is fabulous if you ask me!       The games included in this online gaming world will cover multiples subjects – Language Arts, math Quizzes, Advanced Math, Science, Geography & History, Music & Arts, Computer Skills, Foreign Languages, Religious Education (Christian) and Life Skills.   You have the possibility to remove/allow access to any subject.  

As a parent, you also have the possibility of receiving weekly updates on new activities that your child does.    And you can also reward your child for doing homework or choses – or just to surprise him.

So far I am quite impressed with Clever Dragons and I had not even entered the world yet…   

As like any other online games sites, Clever Dragons come with a price.    If you opted for a monthly subscription, you will pay 99 cents for the 1st month and 5.95$ for following months.    A two months membership will be 11.90$, an annual membership will be 47.40$ and a life time membership will be 119$.   But the best part is definitively that there isn’t advertising included in this online gaming site (and that it is educational as well!).

Recently an online friend of mine has posted on facebook that she was coding a geography game on Canada for the site.    Now I look forward to see what she has done!  *grin*   Being Canadian, I am pleased to see that Clever Dragons (and it’s sister site Always Icecream) has Canadian content.   Hope they will continue to do so in the future…

In the meantime, I will write occasionally about our experience with Clever Dragons and on new features that might come up.    So far I am impressed and can’t wait to show this to the boys!

Disclaimer: I have received a lifetime membership to Clever Dragons as a member of the Always Clever Blogging team. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the registration process! It's always great to get feed-back on the experience. We hope the boys enjoy it as much as you do.