Friday, February 10, 2012

Empire Reel Babies Program

2-10-2012 3-12-10 PMCongratulations! You have recently learned you were expecting, you gave birth or you have a little one alreade.   Like it or not either your life will change or it has already changed.   And there are times where you wish you had a special time with either your love one or with a girlfriend but babysitting is expensive and you don’t see how you can make an outing happen.

Well I have good news for you!   Empire Theaters have a Reel Babies Program where you can go see  a new-release movie twice a month in a baby-friendly environment.   What?  Is that possible?   You’re kidding right?

No ladies, it is quite possible now-a-days and you won’t believe how great it is to be able to go out even if baby is with you!

Are you worried that the sound will be too loud?  Don’t!   Empire Theater know how the ears of baby is sensitive to loud noise so they are bringing the volume down a bit.    They will even keep the lights on dim to allow you to quickly go to the change table is necessary during the movie.  No need to bring baby in the bathroom to change him/her.    You will also find a bottle warmer for those of you who have chosen not to breast-feed or can’t do it.   A play mat and a swing is also available to keep the babies busy.

I remember the days where I went to see a movie with reduced sounds.    It was fabulous to be able to enjoy a new movie with my little one without worrying about the sound and the fact that he would make noise in the theater.   If you are a new mom and are looking to get out of the house for a few hours, I highly recommend that you consider going to a movie during the Reel babies times.    It will be good for you and even for the little one.  

In February, Empire Theaters also have a special promotion.   February is ‘Bring a Friend’ month.  What is it?   Well it is quite simple actually.  Buy one admission to Empire Reel Babies and get a second one free.   Pretty cool eh?   Click on the image below to get more details about this special promotion.

2-10-2012 3-12-46 PM

What is also interesting about the program is that you can have your say to which movie will be shown on the Reel Babies days.     Personally I would like to have more family friendly titles available so I could go with my kids but so far I haven`t seen a movie that would be okay for them.    It is a bit disappointing to be honest.  I wouldn’t mind bringing my kids to a Reel Babies showing but I am not open to let them see watch the movies selected so far.

The Empire Reel Babies is perfect for everyone even though it is geared toward moms of younger children.    If the sound bother you at the theater when you go see a movie, try going during a Reel Babies event.   It is quite different.

In Ottawa, only one of the Empire Theaters have the Reel Babies Program and it is the one located in Orléans located at 3752 Innes Road.

For more information on the Empire Reel Babies program or to find where is the closest theater offering the Reel Babies program in your area, feel free to visit


Disclosure – I am participating in the Empire Reel Babies program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Empire Theatres. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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