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Max and Ruby–Max’s Mole Mash

2-2-2012 3-40-18 PMMax & Ruby – Max’s Mole Mash
From Treehouse TV

About the app

Entertain your child for hours and hours with hilarious game play as they help Max mash moles before Grandma gets home. Tap the screen every time a mole appears and watch as they quickly disappear back into their holes. Mash all the moles before time runs out to win!
•Select from 8 Max & Ruby themed mole mash machines.
•Play in Arcade or Puzzle mode.
•Enjoy an unlimited number of levels to play and mash.
•Unlock a mini version of the racing game, Speedy Max.
•Collect 8 Max & Ruby Wallpapers.

My Thoughts

This app is definitively fun and addictive.      This colorful and original app will help your child to developing hands-eye coordination, reflexes as well as rapidity as he/she advance in the game.     Essentially, the child has to tap on the moles as they get out of the hole.    It will remind you of the kind of game you find at a fair to win stuff toys.

You have two modes to choose from – arcade or puzzle.   The child can also choose different levels with theme like summer, fall, winter, valentine, and more.   For the purpose of this review, I had selected the Valentine one since we were in February after all.    The background was reddish in color and you could see hearts everywhere.


The game is incremental in its difficulties and in the things to tap on.   For example, at some point you can get an item flashing red.   If you tap it, the app will deduct a certain amount of points…  Plain and simple.   The goal of the game is to be able to get as much points as possible without loosing any or missing moles/objects coming out of the holes!


This app is very entertaining and I would recommend it for parents of younger children.    Though I must admit that I had fun playing with it!    Seriously though, this app would be perfect when you are waiting at the dentist or doctor’s office, while waiting in the car or for simply having some fun time in the living room.    I personally don’t like driving around and hearing games going on so I don’t let my kids play continually.   Besides, it is well known that having exposure to computer games/apps constantly is not necessarily good.   So my kids grab books to read/look at when we are driving or we listen to podcast/music/Adventures in Odyssey/books on tapes instead.

Since my daughter, who is four years old, discovered this on our iPad, she also asked to watch some Max and Ruby episodes on Netflix but that’s another story.

The Max’s Mole Mash is available for purchase on iTunes for the price of 1.99$.

Disclaimer: Thanks to my contact at Corusent for sending me a iTunes code for the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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