Friday, February 17, 2012

Zellers Liquidation Sales

We knew it was coming…

We saw the news that Target has bought Zellers back in January 2011.

Some Zellers stores will be transformed as Target while other will close their doors forever.

Every now and then I was wondering when it will start and if we will know about it in advance.

Well, deal seekers rejoice because Zellers has announced the liquidation sales throughout the country!

Click on the image below to discover which stores are going to be liquidated in your province!

2-17-2012 7-18-00 AM

Honestly I have mixed feelings about this.    Zellers has been part of our heritage for such a long time – being part of the Hudson Bay Company and all.    But everytime I go in a Zellers store I am disappointed at the quality in the store and how “junky” it seems to be.

I am hoping that the Target move and transformation will be good for Canada.    The first stores should be open in 2013/2014.   Only time will tell I guess…

In the meantime, I might go check out the deals in the only store announced in our area.    Though it is not close to home.    I am surprised that there isn’t more stores in the Ottawa area that made the list because I personally can think of a couple that should be liquidated…  Maybe the list will be updated regularly between now and 2013…

I remember about 11 or 12 years ago that Zellers has closed other stores in the region here.    I recall clearly going to the store in Gatineau that was close to the highway and near the old location of the Costco.    The area was a bizarre place to have put a Zellers…   Only the Costco and the Zellers were there.  Nothing else.   And it was a HUGE Zellers too.    The headquarters had decided to close the store for whatever reason (I suspect it was costing more that the sales made).     It was when we were thinking of having children…  We had found great deals on baby items and toys.     We had bought these Milton Bardley Star Wars Shooters.

Nowadays, I keep finding the little rings everywhere – in the bathrooms, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the dining room, basement, bedrooms…. every once in a while I hear the machines making their little noise when the kids shoot at each other. 




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