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ESV Grow Bible

9781433528743ESV Grow! Bible
From Crossway

About the Bible

The ESV Grow! Bible is designed specifically to reach children ages 8–12 for the time between when they use a children’s Bible and a more advanced Bible. Coupling the full ESV text with many helpful features, this is a Bible that young students can call their own.

The ESV Grow! Bible comes with all-new features to help children learn and understand God’s Word. Nearly every other page features a “W Question”, boxes answering the who, what, where, when, or why of a text—basic questions a child might have while reading. Introductions to each Bible book, charts, and maps help young readers understand the themes, characters, and context of Scripture. 45 “Cross Connections” explain how certain Bible passages point to Christ and 90 “4U” sections explain and apply texts to the child’s life. In addition, articles about Jesus and the teachings of the Christian faith help children understand important theological concepts.

Children will find the ESV Grow! Bible full of interesting features and parents will appreciate that their kids can explore the full Bible text themselves. A perfect Bible to transition from the Seek and Find Bible to the Student Study Bible, the ESV Grow! Bible connects young readers with the beauty and majesty of God’s Word.

My Thoughts

As parents, we find it important that our kids have a good Bible that they can read daily.   It is a discipline that we are trying to instill to them and that will be beneficial for the rest of their life.    It’s not easy to have the discipline to read daily in your Bible but if you train your kids early in age, they will more than likely continue later in life.

So as soon as our kids are able to read independently, we have a small tradition in our home.   The child will go out one-on-one with dad on a special lunch and is given his own Bible.   One that he will read regularly – and I as their homeschool teacher will ask them often if they did their devotions.    It’s literally the first thing that my two oldest sons will do in the morning after getting up.   

The ESV Grow! Bible is a wonderful Bible for tweens to take the habit to read daily.    The reading is easy as the translation is a bit easier to understand than an NIV Bible and every now and then you will have interesting information in the pages.    Colorful images are also included in the Bible.   Even in the text, the titles as well as the chapters of the books are in color.   

The more I check into this Bible, the more I find it appropriate for children ages 8 to 12.    It is definitively a great way to learn more about God and His incredible love for us!  

Features of this bible are almost limitless…  

  • Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How – special boxes can be found throughout the Bible and will give you more interesting tidbits of information on real people, places, and life in Bible times.
  • 4U (For You) – the 4U boxes will help the child to understand what certain passages mean personally for him or her.
  • Cross Connections – These are verses that remind the child that Jesus’ death on the cross, and rising from the grave, connects us back to God and gives you forgiveness, life, and salvation.
  • Articles and Charts – These will give information on how to better understand God’s Word in life.
  • Section and Books Introductions – This Bible is divided in six sections.   Each section begins with an introduction of the books.  Similarly, there is an introduction for each of the books as well.    These introductions provide a big picture of the contents.
  • Glossary – At the back of the Bible, a handy glossary can be found to define the words that the child might not know.
  • Timelines and Maps – Discover timelines to see the history of salvation and observe colorful maps to see where the events took place.  These can be found at the back of the Bible as well.

Let me give you an example of a section found in this amazing Bible.    In the book of Judges you will find a 4U box at chapter 15 that will let your child think about Samson and superhero skills.   See the image below to see what it is all about.  


You can also download an excerpt on the Crossway website if you want to see more of it.

As you can see the ESV Grow! Bible is packed with interesting information that will help your child to grow to love the Lord and encourage him to dig deeper in His Word.

It is definitively a Bible to consider for your children.   I would strongly encourage parents to teach their kids to daily immerse themselves in the Word of God so that they can discover how much He loves them.  The ESV Grow! Bible is a great tool to guide them toward daily devotions and a wonderful stepping stone toward reading a more in-depth study Bible in the future.

The ESV Grow! Bible is available in hard cover as well as in TruTone purple or blue.  You can find it at your favorite bookstore, even AMAZON.CA.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Crossway for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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