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Field Trip in the 11th Century and experience the Middle Ages


Medieval Times has been part of our lives the last few years.   Back in 2009, my husband and I went to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary in Toronto and attended their evening show.   We had so much fun that we immediately thought that the kids would enjoy it.    So the next year, when we were visiting Toronto with the family, my husband brought the boys as a surprise.   Our daughter was too young back then and we knew that one day we would bring her too!

In May, we had to go to Toronto since my husband had a contract there.   A whole month rving and homeschooling outside.    It was different and we had a good time (apart for one cold rainy week!).    But while there, I decided to approach various attractions and offer them to review it in exchange of free IMG_4036entrance for my family.   One of these attractions was Medieval Times in Toronto.   Sending such an email was new to me and I was excited when I got positive answers – including from the Medieval Times.    The kids didn’t know I was doing this so it was a surprise for some of them.    (I will explain later why I say some of them…)

After a few exchange of emails, it was decided that my family would attend the Education Program during the lunch hour on June 6th (our anniversary).    I was so happy that my daughter – who is four years old – would experience this entertaining show.    Mind you I also knew that the food would be different than what we had experience previously.    But that didn’t matter because I knew we would have a fun time and learn more about the Middle Ages and knights.

So one evening, my husband announced that he booked tickets for Jasmine and me to the Medieval Times.   The first reaction of the boys was “Not Fair!”  but when daddy said that Jasmine never experience it they agreed that it was okay.    When I said “But would you mind driving us to the show?”, the oldest said “You’re not serious!” to which my husband said “For sure we will drive you!”   *grin*   The little scheme worked perfectly because the boys were already planning where they would go eat with daddy.   

IMG_4031When the day came, we left a little bit later than I would have liked and ended up to be borderline late.   But we arrive in time, and they walked us up to the castle.   We all went inside (they are still thinking it is just Jasmine and I going by then) so I could get our tickets.   They were confused at first when they saw six tickets… and then they were really happy to attend the show too!  (Yeah I know we are sneaky…. but their face were priceless!)

As I mentioned before, we attended the Educational Program which is offered at specific times during the year.   This program is currently offered until the end of June when classes will be done for the summer.   During the Education Program, you will get an history lesson presented by the King and his Noble Court within the walls of an 11th century-style castle.   You will also live a personal journey to the Middle Ages during the lesson as well as during the show.  

This student program was interesting as it provided educational and entertaining at the same time.    This is a unique way to learn as you can see how knights would fight during the Middle Ages.   This field trip not only the educational content as well as the show but a meal is also served to you.   This meal is smaller than the meal served at a regular program but for a lunch it was satisfying.  The Bill of Fare for the education program at the Toronto castle included garlic bread, oven-roasted chicken quarter, sweet corn cobette, herb-roasted potato, a dessert as well as water or Pepsi.     The food was delicious and we were stuffed by the time the program was finished.   

What should you expect during an Education Program?   Well a ton of information about life during the Middles Ages, how Knights would prepare their training and battle as well as demonstrations.     When one section of the presentation is done, you go through a little question and answer period (including multiple choices questions) to make sure you understood the lesson.


Once the Education Program was completed, we experienced the regular show which includes a story line, battles as well as demonstrations on how the horse are trained and so on.    We saw the marvelous flight of a falcon, the way horses are trained and even a horse did a little dance for everyone.   


Then it was time for the “story” and how the knights fought to demonstrate their abilities to everyone.   The story unfolds as you receive your meal and eat.    The servers are dressed like in the Middle Ages and are very friendly.   Don’t forget to bring some extra money for the tips as they do an incredible work serving you during the show. 

Each knight has its own colors and the horses have the same colors as well.   The actors are well trained and you quickly see how demanding this is on them because by the end of the show they were all sweaty and out of breath.  But the show is entertaining and it will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what will happen to the prince and how he will get saved.


When we left, the kids were all excited and were glad they were surprised by this outing.   Yes it was our anniversary but celebrating it with our kids was so special too!   Jasmine was delighted that she got a flower from our knight (though he was the bad guy in the story!).   It was interesting to see her blush for the first time when he gave her the flower.   


In the end, the show was very informative as we learned quite a bit about the Middle Ages and knights.    The kids enjoyed the lunch and we were pleased to surprise them with an out-of-the-ordinary outing.


Medieval Times is also the perfect way to celebrate a special day with your loved ones.  Whether it is a birthday, graduation, bridal shower or any kind of special event in your life, Medieval Times can accommodate your party and make the day memorable.   For example, this coming week-end – June 15 to 17 – they offer a special Father’s Day deal where dad gets in free with the purchase of one full-priced adult admission.   See the promotion here!

There are numerous Medieval Times throughout the US – Atlanta, Baltimore, Buena Park, Dallas, Kissimmee, Lyndhurst, Myrtle Beach, Schaumburg – but in Canada there is only one in Toronto!   

Medieval Times Toronto is located at 10 Dufferin St., Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3.

Prices are 63.95$ for adults and 40.95$ for children ages 12 years and under.  Kids ages 3 and under are free!   Depending of the package you buy, you might have to pay more.  

We had the privilege to get a picture taken and receive a souvenir cup as well.

2012_06_06_001 Medieval Times

Would I recommend Medieval Times as a family outing?   You  bet.   It is well worth the price and the experience will be fabulous!    This show is perfect for anyone – not just for homeschoolers or school.   If you have an interest in Middle Ages, I would strongly suggest that you consider the Educational Program.  It is well worth it.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Medieval Times for letting us attend the Education Program at no extra charge for review purposes.   I was not monetarily compensated for this review.   Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.   All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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