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Life After Baby

Life_After_Baby_coverLife After Baby – Rediscovering and Reclaiming Your Healthy Pizzazz
Written by Victoria Dolby Toews
Published at Basic Health Publications

About the book

Life After Baby touches on key aspects of a woman’s life to help readers redefine themselves in a healthy way as they adjust to a myriad of post-baby changes — body and soul.

With an engaging and easily accessible style, health writer Victoria Dolby Toews helps moms navigate their new life after the arrival of a baby. Like a road map to the altered terrain of life once a baby becomes part of the family, Life After Baby touches on key aspects of a woman’s life to help readers redefine themselves in a healthy way as they adjust to a myriad of post-baby changes—body and soul. Filled with sensible, sound, and realistic advice—grounded in the latest research—Life After Baby offers an array of down-to-earth tips on issues new mothers grapple with every day, such as:
• Losing the baby weight
• How to supercharge Mom’s nutrition
• Fitting exercise into Mom’s daily routine
• Rediscovering beauty basics
• Reviving passion
• Fighting fatigue
• Overcoming stress
A comprehensive guidebook for new—and longtime—mothers, Life After Baby brings a welcome measure of honesty and sanity to the discussion of how women can rediscover and reclaim their health, their verve, and their joie de vivre after a newborn joins their family.

Who is Vitoria Dolby Toews?

Victoria Dolby Toews, M.P.H., is the coauthor of several books including the User’s Guide to Glucosamine and Chondroitin, The Soy Sensation, The Common Cold Cure, and The Green Tea Book. She lives in Oregon with her husband and children.

My Thoughts

My kids are way past the baby stage with ages ranging from 4 1/2 to 11 years old.   With four kids in the house, I am quite busy.    Our baby stages are long gone for now.  However, I have received a book -Life After Baby- that covers how to rediscover and reclaiming your healthy pizzazz.

So I decided to discover the book in order to know what it was all about even though I wasn’t in that stage of life anymore.   The book contains ten chapters as well as an appendix on herb and dietary supplement safety.  Here’s what the chapters cover:

Losing the Baby Weight; This chapter covers the importance of exercising to loose the baby weight.   The best advice in this book is to purchase a pedometer.   I know if might sound silly but having a pedometer will help you track the number of steps you do in a day.   Honestly I wish I had this advice when I had my kids…
Kitchen Table Woes; This chapter encourages the new mom to continue to eat well even after baby is born.   There are even a section on how to avoid BPA.
Supercharge Your Nutrition;  The author will emphasize the importance of eating fruits and vegetables as well as her point of view on organic foods.  
Supplement Savvy; Vitamins can be beneficial to your body.  However, too many of something that is good can also cause some problems.  Discover how beneficial some vitamins can be and how much would be the ideal quantities to get.
Fitting in Exercise; Exercising is a great way to loose that baby fat on your body.  This chapter will highlights everything you need to know about exercising from how to start and what to eat to help you stay energized.
Rediscovering Beauty Basics;  This chapter covers tips on how to have a great skin, luxurious hair, though nails, and a healthy mouth.
Reconnecting with Passion;  After having a baby, life continues and that also means your sex life.  This chapter will help you reconnect with your spouse on the intimate level.
Fighting Fatigue; Having a baby can drain your internal batteries.   This chapter will give your tips and tricks on how to fight fatigue and stay alert – even when you still have to get up to feed the little one!
Stress and Sanity; What is postpartum depression and how to deal with it?  This chapter will cover how to recognize postpartum and the stress in your life.    Being a new mom can bring some anxiety in your daily routine.  This chapter will also help you to deal with reducing the anxiety.
After-Baby Health Concerns;  This chapter covers a variety of health issues that could happen after you had  your little one.

In all, I think there are interesting tips and tricks in this book.  However, I would caution my Christian readers that this book is now Christian based and might contain secular advices.   I would strongly suggest that you take the suggestions that you are comfortable with and leave the ones you don’t like.    Essentially, this book will encourage new moms to move more, eat healthy and take care of themselves in order to avoid some future health issues like depression, weight gain and so on.   If you are a mom-to-be and want to make sure that you stay healthy after baby, I would like to suggest that you go check our the book Life After Baby as it does contain interesting information.

As for the book I have received, I have recently learned that a dear friend of mine is expecting her first child, so I will pass the book over to her and I know it could be very informative to her.

Life After Baby is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even

Disclaimer: Thanks to Thomas Allen for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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