Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Picture Book of Anne Frank

10781A Picture Book of Anne Frank
By David A. Adler
Published at Holiday House

About the Book

The story of the girl who tried to hide from the Nazis.

My Thoughts

Anne Frank is one of the well known name from the Second World War.   I requested this book because I want my kids to know about the story of this young lady and how she unfortunately died. 

A Picture Book of Anne Frank will tell the story of young lady who took the time to write in a journal while hiding from the enemy.   The book doesn’t tell only the story of the hidden years but also her birth and youth.    Having a book that speaks about the whole life of someone is fabulous because you can have a pretty good idea of how that person lived.   The illustrations are beautiful and bring the story more complete as you can see whether in color or in black and white how life during the 2nd World War was.  

Anne seemed a beautiful smiling child while growing up.   Through the pages of the book, we discover how she wanted to become a writer and receive a blank book at her 13th birthday.    The illustration picturing the hiding place is very interesting as it give you a pretty good idea on their quarters for over two years.   Unfortunately, someone must have betrayed them because they were discovered and sent to camps.  Of the eight hiding only one survived – Anne’s father.   The diary that Anne left behind helps us discover what happened during the war.   It gives us a better perspective of how a young girl went through these hard years.

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A Picture Book of Anne Frank is available at your favourite bookstore, even

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