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Soccer The Ultimate Guide

9780756663186HSoccer Ultimate Guide
Published at DK Canada

About the book

Building on the success of Soccer: the Ultimate Guide, DK's bringing the world's game to young readers in a revised and updated edition. More pages, more pictures, more facts, stats, and info make Soccer: The Ultimate Guide truly ultimate. Updated and revised in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

My Thoughts

Some know it as football.  I always known it as soccer because I used to play when I was younger.   When my oldest son expressed a desire to learn more about soccer, I thought that this book would be great for him to read.  

I must admit that I am quite surprised by the quantity and quality of the information found in this book.   Even I could learn a thing or two in it!  *grin*

The book starts with a little history lessons explaining the origins of the game.   Did you know that there as been a version of soccer played in the Middles Ages, ancient China, Ancient Greece and even ancient Rome?   The rules varied widely but essentially you had players, a ball and a goal.    I found this fascinating.

Soccer can be played outdoor, indoor/futsal, on the beach, in the street, even as a paralympic event.   There are men and women teams and competitions can be found everywhere around the world.   Every spring/summer time, parks in your neighborhood get filled with young players and parents coming to cheer them up.   You might even be a soccer parent yourself.   But do you know the rules?   In this book you will discover the main rules and how an official have to be always at the top of the game.   

Soccer is the type of game that could bring injuries on a player.   The book give a great description of such injuries and even includes some images of the type of strains that could happen.  

Soccer is also widely known because of the famous World Cup.  Throughout the book, you will also travel in different countries to see how soccer affect the lives of its inhabitants.   The book also highlights the majors competitions, the different soccer clubs as well as the hall of fame in soccer.  A wide variety of stats concerning soccer is also included at the end of the book for the die hard fan.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a book that will cover all the aspects of soccer for your young reader, I would recommend this book.  The book also has numerous pictures and pictograms to illustrate the text and to show that soccer is a sport that could be played anywhere you will be around the world.

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