Monday, June 11, 2012

Pocket Genius–Animals

9780756692841LPocket Genius – Animals
Published at DK Canada

About the book

Destined to be toted in school backpacks everywhere, this new encyclopedia series for young readers contains on-the-spot information in children's favorite subject areas. Kids love facts: they want to know about the biggest, fastest, tallest, and oldest everything. Full of instant information, these books feature a fresh design that is sure to appeal to the middle grade audience. These single-subject guides offer a unique catalog-style presentation, which clearly lays out individual subcategories with concise and punchy text covering all of the essential information on whatever topic is at-hand.

From the tiny firefly to the might elephant, in Pocket Genius: Animals discover the lives of nearly 200 animals — what they eat, what eats them, where they live and how big they are.

My Thoughts

This book covers a variety of animals found on the planet – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.   Whether your child wants to discover the types of insect-eaters or simply learn more about different types of animals this book is a great addition to your personal library.   It’s size even makes it an easy book to bring with you when you have appointments or if you travel long distance with the kids.  Also, if you have different Pocket Genius titles, your kids can go through different subjects like dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, and sharks.  There are also two other titles planned for later this year – bugs and ancient Egypt.   So as you can see there will be plenty of interesting subjects of learning while you are on a trip or if you child goes to camp this summer.

Recently while at the Toronto Zoo, we had the opportunity to meet the baby polar bear and see one of the adult one swimming.    It was interesting to see the difference in size for both of them – one being born last fall (2011) and the other floating in the water.  In the book, I have learned that polar bear have a keen sense of smell and can detect seals from about 1 km away – even when the seals are hidden in their birth lair underneath 1 m of hardened snow.    A polar bear’s diet could be made of seals, birds’ eggs, lemmings, mosses and carrion, such as caribou and musk oxen.


Another favorite in our household is the Pink Flamingo – actually that’s my daughter’s favorite bird.   But did you know that a flamingo’s territory is determined simply by how far its neck stretches from its nest.    I learned that from the Pocket Genius Animals book.


In a nutshell, this book has great possibilities for homeschoolers and people travelling this summer.   It is the perfect size to bring with your whether you are rving or camping in a tent.   It is perfect to grab and take when going to an appointment and it is packed with information that will allow your child to continue learning during the hot summer days.  

The Pocket Genius Animals is available at your favorite bookstore, even

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