Friday, May 21, 2010

2 Cuties Hair Clippies

il_430xN_140256771 One day a facebook friend invite me to because a fan of 2 Cuties Hair Clippies.   After looking into it, I’ve decided to contact them to see if it would be possible to review some of their products.  They agreed and sent me a few of their products for Jasmine – my little girl.

Among the products I’ve got, there was headbands as well as clippies with ladybugs on it.   Perfect!
2010_05_16_07_31_28 2 Cuties Hair Clippies is managed by a mom who has three kids of her own.   The mission of the company is to create quality items for your little sweeties.    And the products are all hand made – made with love and care from a SAHM.

My daughter is totally in love with the hairbands.   Even2010_05_16_07_31_34 trying very hard to put them by herself…  Mom (that’s me!) is in love with them as well.  I’ve been trying to find something like that for her that would stay on her head without problem.   And I’ve finally found it.   She also likes the clips and picks the one she wants to wear when she feels like it.    However, she has a tendency to play with them so I have to teach her to leave them in her hair…  

2010_05_17_06_47_42This particular hairband on the side is called the no slip toggle hairband and it does the job – no slipping and it stays put unless your daughter will grab it and remove it.   I love this innovative idea because it means that it will stay longer on the fine hair of my daughter.  I think it was ingenious to have thought of that for little girls. 

Other products that are offered at 2 Cuties Hair Clippies are the hair clip organizers which can be custom made if you prefer.   These hair clip organizers can be stick on the bathroom mirror with a suction cup hook, hang near the closer in your daughter’s room, hang it behind the door or hang it on the side of the dresser.   We have an old fashioned dresser with a mirror on it and I could easily hang it on one of the wooden post of the mirror…

2 Cuties Hair Clippies is a local business in the Ottawa area (which is about 30 minutes from my place) and sells its products over the net at    For residents in my city,  you can purchase them at “Chiquita Baby in Kanata or “To Be Continued” in Kemptville.  

All items are in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours via Canada Post.  Turn around time on custom orders is currently 24-48 hours, or less!  Shipping charges are 1.50 for Canadian orders and 2.00 for USA.  

2 Cuties Hair Clippies also have a facebook like page, go check them out to see what else they have you will be pleased with their selection!  And I personally think you will be excited by their quality items.    It is a mom’s dream come true because now I have found something that my daughter enjoys a lot.   *grin*

I know that more hairbands as well as the ladybug hair clip organizer which is TOTALLY cute!

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