Sunday, May 23, 2010

Molly Goes Camping!

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Camping. A simple word that will create fear in some and excitement in others.

I camped a lot since I was little with my parents and with the girl guides. Dscn0043So when I married my husband, I thought that camping would be part of our lives. So we got a tent which was red. We took a big one as we knew we would have kids eventually. Our camping days in a tent was short lived as hubby didn’t like it as much. So we got a pop-up trailer which we love but there wasn’t any bathroom/shower in ours. We had bought it used. After a few years we upgraded to a travel trailer which we love. The main reason behind the purchase of our pop-up trailer and then our travel trailer was to make memories with our kids. We don’t regret splurging on this as we had tons of memorable memories traveling with it.

Molly’s e-book about camping will bring you fun stories from campers and how their family discovered the fun time anyone can have while camping. Camping is a fun way to discover nature, pursue home schooling in a fun way while we discover fishing, bird watching and so much more.

Last year, I had the privileged to see a turtle laying her eggs. This year, I saw black chickadees gathering some materials to build their nest and had the priviledge of taking a picture of brand new Robin’s babies.


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The experiences and events my kids are having while fishing with their dad are priceless. I remember the time that my husband called me on radio to tell me to pack the baby because we had to go to the hospital. He was still in the boat with our other kids. He was coming to get me and we drove to the closest hospital while he drove with a hook stuck in his finger thanks to the fish he had caught. 

Camping is indeed helping us to make wonderful memories and if you doubt me you need to read the stories in the e-book Molly Goes Camping. You will also found ideas on how to make an old trailer new, recipes for your camping adventure, a checklist that will help you not to forget anything as well as an interesting article on the process of dehydrating your food. I was always (and still is) curious about a dehydrator. This article might just give me the push to purchase one as I can see how to use it for our outings on the lake or just going for a walk in the woods. It can also be useful for our field trips we do during the year. And don’t forget the bug spray as it is an essential item to have in your luggage while camping.

But just for the experience to build a fire pit, discover the lake shores, walk in the forest and explore God’s creation, I think it is worth it. I would encourage every family to try camping a few times before making your final decision. Molly Goes Camping will give you many ideas in how to start your camping adventure. Encourage the kids to be involved in any shape or form they can. Whether you are a seasoned camper or a family considering camping, this e-book will encourage you, make you laugh and help you to plan in advance a camping trip to remember. And don’t hesitate to bring your little ones with you – it is so worth it even if you have to bring playpen, stroller and exersaucer. They will have a blast!

Molly Goes Camping is now in the store for $8.95 – simply click here to get it!

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