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Real World Parents - Christian Parenting For Families Living In The Real World

Real World Parents – Christian Parenting For Families Living In The Real World
Written by Mark Matlock
Published at Zondervan

About the book
Culture expert and veteran youth pastor, Mark Matlock, will help you become a proactive parent when it comes to the faith of your children. Rather than trying to raise kids who are “good Christians,” you’ll find the tools to help you live out a faith that allows your children to see what it means to live as a Christian. As a result, your kids will learn about real faith by living it out with you.

Who is Mark Matlock?
Mark Matlock has been working with youth pastors, students, and parents for two decades. He's vice president of event content at Youth Specialties and founder of WisdomWorks Ministries and PlanetWisdom. He’s the author of several books including The Wisdom On - series, Living a Life That Matters, and Don’t Buy The Lie. Mark lives in Texas with his wife Jade and their two children.

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My Thoughts
Feeling like you are not getting through with your kids about faith? Do you want your kids to pursue God while they are grown up? Are you really a true example of how to live the Christian life to your own kids? If you doubt on how you are passing the faith to your kids, I would suggest that you read Real World Parents.

While I was reading this book, I discovered some things that hubby and I had talked about in the past. It is important that our kids realize that a relationship with God needs to be nurture. Modeling this to our children is our number one priority.

Many passages touched me but the one that was more special to me was the following:

In a sense we become gardeners tending the spiritual development of our kids. God places the spark of life in the seed. We can’t control that or how the plant eventually matures. But we can make sure the soil is rich, the ground is generously watered, the weeds are kept at bay, and the opportunity for sunlight is freely available. We can raise our children in environments where having a heat for God is the norm and not the exception.

It is important not to overprotect your kids from the world. They need to be taught and shown how decisions are made and what could be the consequences. When you make an error, show them how to correct it. Many kids arrive in college to discover many negative influences and they do not have the backbones to stand up for what is right. Consequence? Many will fall from their upbringing and leave the church. Sad but so true. The epidemic is spreading everywhere.

This book will help you as parent to build a solid foundation in your children. And honestly I don’t think it is ever too later to start. The importance is to repent, turn around and follow God’s lead. Each chapter finishes with a series of questions to help you think on how you can apply the chapter’s information in your own family life. It makes you stop and ponder how your family is living and how you can modify certain aspects of it.

If you want to know more about the book before purchasing it, please watch this little video.

There is even a website, , which will provides countless information to help you become a real world parent.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Real World Parents from B&B Media.

Real World Parents is available everywhere even at

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