Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garage sale and lemonade stand.

What does a garage sale and a lemonade stand has in command?   Well, in our family they go hand in hand.

We were planning a garage sale for today.  The kids wanted to do something special for people in need.   So it was decided to do a lemonade stand and have some muffins and ask for donations.  This week, they decided that the money made during the day would go to Haiti.  So we made a little sign and made the lemonade and muffins yesterday.

Their little "entreprise" was fruitful and they collected up to 75$ for Haiti.  

It wass a great learning experience as well as my oldest learned to speak directly to people and advertize the lemonade stand/muffins to people who were coming to the garage sale.

I'm proud of my kids for thinking about others in need.   May God continue to stir their little hearts more and more everyday!

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