Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dr. Seuss Toys - My Natural Collection


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Jupiter Industries

A while back, it came to my attention that Jupiter Industries had expanded their product line and now included some toys for kids as well as pet products. I took the liberty to email them and offer my services to review something for them. They responded positively saying that the Dr. Seuss line seemed to be a perfect fit for my family.

And one afternoon last week, I opened the door while on my way to go pick up the mail and a box was waiting for me on the porch. Inside the box, I discovered some of the Dr. Seuss toys. Cat In The Hat, Horton, and Lorax were sharing quarters to travel to our place. *grin* Fortunately, the box was quite large for them…

2010_05_07_16_16_20I must say that I am impressed with the packaging of these toys. It is very environmentally friendly. No plastic will be found to attach the toys to the packaging. The toys are made with non-toxic all-natural cotton free of bleaches and chemicals. The coloring is made with mineral and soy natural which is so much better for kids. And to top it off, the production of these toys support the fair labor ethics.

Untitled The Lorax Project ( ) is also supported with these toys. What is The Lorax Project? Simply put it is a multifaceted initiative that helps protecting the forests and endangered species of the planet. Their website contains fun games and activities to do with the kids. I find it a good way to make them realize that our number one priority is to take care of the planet.

When the 21st century arrived with issues with toys made in China, it became a priority to find other ways to produce toys used by young children. I was fortunate that we were not much affected by the recalls made in the past few years but knowing that we can find toys that are safe for the kids and environmentally friendly is such a relief for many of us parents.


I am quite excited with the Dr. Seuss toys. We have the Cat In The Hat books as well as one of the Horton’s books. I think I will try to find the other Horton and the Lorax book this year for my kids to read. I am convince that the toys will bring tons of joyful moments for my younger kids. I am planning to sit down with the toys and read the books to the kids. I sure hope that other characters of the Dr. Seuss books will follow in this line of product.

And I took the liberty to look into the Pet products. Honestly, after viewing the video on the Petstages products, I think the pet toys are even fun. They are bright and colorful as well as attractive for the canines in your family.

Jupiter Industries seems to have been able to adapt themselves on the organic and healthier line of products. You will easily find something for various members of your family even the pets!

If you are interested in purchasing the Dr Seuss toys for your children, these items can be purchased at boutique shops across Canada (not available in major retailers as of yet!).   The Cat in the Hat is $22.99, Horton is $22.99, and Lorax is $19.99 (Canadian money).   


  1. That sounds great, my family loves Dr. Seuss :O)

  2. Very interesting, I like the idea of safe toys for kids. Also that the packaging is environmentally friendly!

  3. Do you know any names of Canadian boutiques that sell the Lorax? I would love to get my hands on one for my eco-conscious best friend's Lorax themed nursery. She just had her first child yesterday!!

  4. Sara

    I would try Mrs Tiggy Winkles. Or call Jupiter Industries to ask them.

    They have not given me the names of the places where you can buy them - look for smaller toy stores in your area not ToysRUs or Wal-Mart. Hope this help.