Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Molly Digest

The Molly Digest for the month of May is now out!   Once again expect content and quality for this wonderful monthly digest.

The theme of the month revolve around the term celebrations.   How can you celebrate a special event like a wedding, a birth, a birthday or an anniversary in a fun way without having to spend too much?   This cute little digest will give you a wealth of ideas to celebrate.

Once again you will have a list of bargains during the month, the special dates to celebrate, recipes and more.   You will have a quick list of gift tradition for each month or the year and for special anniversaries.   Molly will also help you to determine how much food you need if you organize a party.  WoW!  This alone is a time saver for me!

You will also have a cute little craft idea to make roses our of coffee filters.   I might try this when I come back from vacation.    It reminds me the flowers I use to make with my mom (but it was way more complicated…).

Finally, the digest closes with interesting story of someone who applied the world frugal on a wedding.   We have heard these stories before but it is always good to be reminded that it is possible to get married at a low cost.

Molly says:

Molly’s May Digest is available for download on the Member's site and will be available in the store shortly. All you Molly Members can log in to the blog and download now, though. I know you'll especially enjoy this issue that focuses on gift-giving, celebrations and parties.
We have some great freebies in the special Member's-Only Page as well. This month is all about frugal celebrations! Here is a small sneak peek at some of the free downloads you will receive along with your May Digest.

  • Tons of freezer cooking goodies
  • Wedding freebies (along with tips, ideas, and frugal gifts)
  • Inexpensive Organization E-book (creative organization ideas)
  • A Baby Shower for Jesus E-book (encouragement for Moms)
  • Mother's and Father's Day ideas
  • Ideas for hospitality and parties
  • A Free Kids' Cookbook
  • And more!

You get all of that for only $3.95!

If you have not signed up to become a Molly Member, what are you waiting for? If you purchase the Digest alone, it is $4.95! Why not save a dollar and get all the above to boot?

Join today!

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