Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother`s Day Download N Go Bible Study

Mother’s Day Download N Go Unit Study

Amanda Bennett and TOS

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and before we arrive to it nothing is better than to discover where it comes from, don’t you think? And the best way to do this is definitively to use the new Download N Go Unit Study that will cover Mother’s Day.

Once again you will be blessed with panoply of activities to keep you kids occupied during the week before this celebration. I even think that it would be a perfect opportunity for dads to get involved in the home school and do this unit study with their kids. Expect quality and diversity in the Mother’s Day Unit Study as you will cover history, crafts, geography, cooking, planning a special day and more. And the internet links included in this special unit study are fabulous as usual.

This year, my kids were planning ahead and wanted to bring me breakfast in bed but since we are planning to be on a mini-vacation somewhere in the US, we will have to adapt ourselves on Mother’s Day.

My only disappointment is that almost all the books suggested are not available at my library (throughout the city even!). It makes me wonder what happened to all the Christian books they used to have. I have heard through the grapevine that they were removing them from the shelves for whatever reason. I sure hope it didn’t happen… And from the list, even the few that I could find on the library system I could not request a transfer as it was not available. Fortunately I own some of the titles suggested and I can adapt the Bible stories with one of the kid’s bibles we have at home.

The Mother's Day Download 'N Go Unit study is available for 7.95$ at TOS but right now you can have it for 3.95$ with a promo code on this facebook page!  So hurry up before the special is over.

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