Monday, May 10, 2010

Cerebellum Corporation

Cerebellum Corporation

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew we sometimes are faced with surprises. Cerebellum has sent all members of the crew a DVD for advanced placement regardless of the ages of the children in the household. Needless to say my kids are still in primary grades so I ended up watching the video with my dear husband.

However, being a Canadian I was hoping that the company would have made an effort in sending a title that would have been appropriate and that we could have used in the future. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and saw that it contained the DVD titled U.S. Gov. & Politics. I almost cracked up right there. Seriously, our government system in Canada is so different than the one in the USA that I wondered why I had received this one. I would have preferred writing, chemistry or ultimately history of the US than the title I received. But, when I showed the title to my husband, he said it was interesting and would love to watch it with me. After all, he is following the government affairs more than me – Canadian and US – while watching the news…

You might be wondering “What is the U.S. Gov & Politics Advanced Placement DVD?” Basically, it is a DVD that will explain to you the AP Test and will give you the main information about the US Government and politics. The DVD will explain the test and give the student advices on how to take the test. In the last portion of the DVD, the student will go through 30 topics on the subject in 30 minutes.

The U.S. Gov & Politics AP Exam Prep program takes a look at factors that influenced the adoption of the Constitution, the institutions of National Government, and much more! Topics are taught in a lively and accessible style combining colorful graphics with fun and entertaining programming.

The graphics and animation included in the DVD as well as the music and sounds will help to keep your attention during the hour long, fast pace and complete explanation on the subject.

Light Speed Advanced Placement videos are the first program of its kind, so go paperless and use this test-prep video to your student to pass the exam. A digital Workbook included with handouts, quizzes, and activities to reinforce the topic before and after the video.

So one evening, my husband and I sat down and watch the DVD. We were disappointed with the fact that there were no subtitles included in the DVD. I also saw at least one typing error on the screen while going through the DVD. The video editing has also altered the skin of the presenters which was bothering us a bit.

However, we enjoyed the video and learned quite a bit. My husband thought it was very instructive about the whole process of politics in the US. He was always curious about it and now has more knowledge to share with others. We also thought that having multiple presenters was a good idea. This technique is grabbing the attention of the audience while watching the DVD. Every one of the presenters were talking clearly which helped the understanding part of it.

Watch a bit of the DVD I’ve received below.

After watching this specific DVD, my husband’s comment was “I would LOVE to have something like that for our government system (meaning Canada).” So our wishes is that someday a company will decide to do the same kind of things for Canada’s government & politics as well as Canada’s history. I think that other Canadian homeschoolers would be interested as well.

The AP for U.S. Gov. & Politics DVD is available for 14.98$ US at Other titles available in the Advanced Placement are Writing, History of the US, and Chemistry.


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