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Download N Go Unit Studies

Download N Go Unit Studies
By Amanda Bennett and TOS

About Download N Go™

Download N Go™ studies are the next generation of exciting learning products, where unit studies merge with lapbooks in a fun and easy to use curriculum product. Written by Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse, Download N Go has a growing following!

Download N Go™ studies are daily lessons and lapbook instructions woven together with eye-pleasing pages and interactivity based on exciting themes-ready for immediate use.
Download N GoThere are no expensive resources required; these units are complete and very affordable.
Download N Go™ studies are a new kind of learning experience! Exactly what will you find in each weekly study?
· Lapbooking activities.
As the student works through the week, he/she is creating a lapbook-a finished capsule of learning.
· Daily lessons.
Each study is one week in length, having five daily lessons with lapbook components for each day. Simple to use, step by step, but complete in content!
· Eye-pleasing pages of integrated, reusable studies.
Studies include history, geography, reading, science, spelling, vocabulary, writing, art, and more in reusable units, printable as needed-use them for your first child now, your second child in two years, and your third in six! Nothing is consumed.
· Resource list for optional further study.
These studies each have a great list of books that you can use to enrich your learning, but they are not required. This study is complete on its own. If desired, find books easily at your local library using the title and ISBN information for suggested optional resources.
· Interactivity built in with hyperlinks embedded right in the study.
All the research and preparation have been done! Enjoy a variety of multimedia selections, such as video clips and animations, plus educational and craft sites. You'd spend all week searching if you had to find all these great links yourself!
· Exciting themes.
Units are theme-based and full of exciting discoveries and motivation to develop lifelong learners. Your students will look forward to the next day's investigation! Designed to allow you to work them into your schedule (holidays are planned a few weeks ahead), plan to do them a few weeks after receiving them, or a few months-it's up to you!
· Ready to download for immediate use.
Download instantly! A few inexpensive materials are needed for the lapbook, consisting of basic art and school supplies you probably already have on hand such as a simple file folder, a glue stick, safety scissors, brass brads, and crayons or markers. That's it-simple, effective, and what a way to learn! The learning process is on GO from that point on-let the fun begin!

Are you planning for fall? Consider these options ...

  • Studying animals? Check out the animals in Expedition Australia, Dolphin Days, and Whale Tales.
  • Add hands-on history fun with Amelia Earhart, Davy Crockett, and Ben Franklin.
  • Travel farther in geography with Expedition Mexico, Expedition China, Expedition Ireland, and Expedition Australia!
  • There are many more possibilities!

Whether your schooling approach is unit studies, textbook, relaxed, or a mix of different styles, enriching your child's learning is easy with Download N Go™. Print your copy of the handy checklist and start adding learning, fun, and adventure today!

We'll be announcing the Fall and Winter line-up June 1st!

Remember, the more units your purchase, the bigger the savings.
The Pick Your Own Four bundle is a good deal.
The 19-week option is a better deal. But the most savings are enjoyed when you purchase the 38-week option!

Expand your family's homeschool horizons--add Download N Go™ to your homeschool! All the research is done for you; just dig right in and start learning!

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 My Thoughts

I already reviewed a few Download N Go unit studies in the past for TOS. But when Litfuse emailed me and offered to review other Download N Go unit studies, Davy Crockett and Whale Tales, I opted for it making sure that they knew that I had reviewed Whale Tales in the past. For the purpose of this review, I will concentrate on the Davy Crockett Donwload N Go Unit Study since I already have reviewed Whales Tales.  You can read my review of Whale Tales at this page -

DavyCrockettCoverSM Davy Crockett was part of my past as I watched the Disney TV series when I was younger.

“Davyyyyyy, Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier”

As you can see the song is still in my head sometimes. *grin* So I am eager to discover more about this childhood hero of mine and this time I can do it with my kids. If only I had a raccoon hat somewhere… I think I might still have the raccoon tail I got when I was a young girl. Wouldn’t it be perfect to take it out for this study? I think so!

What are the Download N Go Unit Studies?, you might wondered. Download N Go is a one week of hands-on learning adventures for kids from K to 4th grade. Each study includes a lapbooking project for more fun learning. More details can be found at .

In this particular unit study which is 100% about Davy Crockett and his life, you will discover more about this historical character, where he lived, what was the Frontier, what we can learn from Davy and so much more. At the beginning of each unit study, you will have a list of books for each day of the week. In this particular case, you will read books about Davy Crockett, Tennessee, as well as the Pioneers. I am so looking forward to discover Davy this summer with my kids. And to top it off, I own the Davy Crockett DVDs from Disney so we will be able to watch these together. I fully expect a wave of memories coming down.


As any Download N Go unit studies, the one about Davy Crockett will bring a wealth of activities to do with your kids. There are videos to watch, websites to discover as well as various information to fill in. And the week would not be complete without a lapbook. And throughout your journey of discovery of any Download N Go unit studies, your child will have a lapbook to put together. You and your child will cover geography, history, art, spelling and so much more. The whole download N Go unit study is packed with colorful images related to the theme covered.

The Download N Go unit studies are quite fun to do. And already there are many subjects available, Winter Wonderland, Amelia Earhart, Expedition Australia, Valentine’s Day, George Washington, Pizza Party, Davy Crockett, Whale Tales, Spring Surprises, Kite Capers, Twisting Tornadoes, Expedition Ireland, Simply Soccer, Ben Franklin, Expedition China, Mother’s Day, Dolphin Days, Expedition Mexico and Sea Shells.

If you want to explore a particular theme and have fun at the same time, the Download N Go Unit Studies will provide lots of learning opportunities for your kids and yourself as well. The whole year of Download N Go Unit Studies are available for 152$ US at The Old Schoolhouse Store but you can purchase individual ones for 7.95$ US.

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