Friday, May 13, 2011

Counting down the days…


This is when I will receive my new oven – partly paid by the extended warranty we had on the previous one. 

We upgraded the new oven for a convection one.

Wanna see what it will look?


It has many interesting features like:

A unique rack configuration which gives me more cooking space.

Apparently I will be able to bake 200 chicken nuggets in 10 minutes…  Shall I test this claim?  LOL

A chicken nugget button and a pizza button… Interesting.

A flexible rack that can be adjusted so I can cook multiple dishes in one shot.

The oven will convert automatically the cooking time for the convection.

5 elements on top with one that will boil water faster which is fantastic for canning season.

And to complete, we got a really good deal on a new frige.   A 17.7 cu. ft. capacity all refrigerator.   No freezer (we don’t need one since we have a standup freezer in the kitchen.


So yesterday as part of his homeschool, our oldest son helped to clean our current fridge and we moved it in the garage.   Yes we are keeping it and will use it as storage when we buy in bulk.   Being a family of six, I think we will use it quite a bit…

The only disappointment for me is that the delivery will be on Sunday… which means one of us will miss church.  SIGH

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