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Spartan Athletics

imageSpartan Athletics
By Spartan Apps

About the App

In the ancient world, Spartan Warriors were feared by all men. They were soldiers, focused and dedicated to glory on the battlefield. During the dull times of peace, Spartan Warriors would compete against each other in the arena. Are you fast enough, strong enough or Spartan enough to join them?

Spartan Athletics takes advantage of the iPhone’s touch screen design, combining refreshingly simple and unique controls with superb in-depth gameplay. With real physics and stunning graphics, you will be immersed in the Spartan psyche, extracting every ounce of speed, power and endurance from your fingertips in your quest for ultimate glory!

The controls used in Spartan Athletics lend themselves naturally to track and field gaming. The touch screen design of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are the perfect platform to experience all that Spartan Athletics has to offer. When you run as a Spartan, you take strides on the screen. The longer, faster and more consistent the swipes, the faster you will run. It’s so natural you do it without thinking!

Featuring both single and multiplayer modes, you can practice against computer opponents to hone your skills then test your athleticism against your friends and family.

Spartan Athletics allows you to train or compete in a single event, or if you are up to the challenge you can select any 5 events to create a Pentathlon or even compete in a complete Decathlon. Single event modes allow you to focus your efforts on developing you skills in a particular event. With multi-event mode, you will have to use strategy along with speed and power to get your character to victory.

Spartan Athletics enables hardcore and casual gamers alike to engage in fun and challenging competition. You will find yourself playing over and over again.

spartan athletics


To a Spartan warrior, everything from the spear in his hand to the stones on the battlefield is a weapon. The shot put is training for warriors on the frontline.


Spartan warriors would throw their spearsat cowardly enemies as they run from the battlefield. To the Spartans, this was preserving their enemies’honor and champions of this event are honored for their bravery and compassion.


The iconic discus throw carries infamy and distinction for all its champions. Combining speed, power and balance, this event creates Spartan legends, true warriors that focus their attack even when disoriented.

pole vault

The pole vault was used on the battlefield to overcome barriers that others thought impenetrable.These feeble attempts at protection were met with amusement as Spartan strategist saw an opportunity for a surprise attach. This event creates champions and leaders.

400m sprint

Combining speed and endurance, the 400m event not only shows us who the fastest Spartan is, but also the warrior who has the stamina to carry his shield off the battlefield.

1500m sprint

The Spartan army is large and coordinated. Messengers are as important to victory as the men on the frontlines. The 1500m is reserved for men with unsurpassed dedication to victory.


The battlefield is never flat. Even on the open planes, the ground is a mass with Spartan victims. To run in battle is to run and leap. The 110m hurdles is a true test of a Spartan soldier.

long jump

Crossing treacherous rivers and ravines, gaining advantage over enemies. This is the life of a Spartan warrior. This event will test a soldier’s courage and dedication to victory in the arena and on the battlefield.


Our Thoughts

We love the Olympics and when I discovered this game I thought it would be a good opportunity for my kids to discover how the games were done in the past.

My oldest son was immediately excited when he saw that we were reviewing this app.    He is the one that he more interested than the rest of the crew in the Olympics.   Mind you it is a little bit understandable because he is the oldest with being almost 10 years old.  

You have the choice to play 1 player or two players. Then you can select to play a single even or to choose to compete in a Pentathlon which consist in a five different track and field contests. You also have the choice of athletes with five of them available. Each athlete is quoted on their speed, power, leap, technique and endurance on a single event or on 5-10 events. You have the choice of three men and two women.

If you plan to purchase this app, my advice to you would be to train your fingers before entering a competition…  *grin*  Seriously, this app will require a lot of finger moving to direct the athlete you have chosen through the games.

image  image

The instructions on how to use the app on the different games are quite easy and very clear.   Every time you start a new competition, you will have instructions on how to play for this game.    When your player is succeeding in a competition, you will see his joy.  However, when he doesn’t do good, you will see his disappointment.   You can also hear the cheers and the boos of the crowd.   It feels as though you are at the games itself…    My son had a blast playing it and I am certain that he will return to this app often.     I wouldn’t be surprised to see him teach his younger siblings how to play this game eventually.

The graphics are very well done and depending of which competition you will have different angles as well.    The creators behind this app have thought of all the good ways of showing the games on the screen of your device.   What I would like to see in the future would be to be able to play with more friends, have more choices of athletes as well as having a Decathlon competition.  

Spartan Athletics is available for purchase at the iTunes Store for 0.99$.   This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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